Sunday, October 13, 2013

Traveling Highway 89

After leaving Manti, we continued south on Highway 89 eventually connecting with Interstate 70 for a few miles before exiting onto the 89 once again this time along the Sevier River.  This route takes you right by Big Rock Candy Mountain.

This ATV country and there are camp grounds along the 89 filled with fifth wheels and trailers full of ATVs.  There is also a paved bike path which follows the Sevier River north from Big Rock Candy Mountain to the I 70.  Color was starting as we took this route the end of September.  A week later we took the same route and there was lots of color.  On the return trip we left the 89 and took the I 70 across to the I 15 which I also recommend. It was a beautiful drive over the mountains also with color.

Does anyone remember the song called Big Rock Candy Mountain?

Can you see that lemonade flowing down the mountainside?

There were more beautiful rock cliffs as we ventured further south into Arizona.  We don't usually play so much on our drives between Utah and Arizona as we did this day on the 89.  Luckily, our later arrival at the Vermillion Cliffs was at sunset and the color was amazing.  We usually find ourselves at this point mid-day.  The color at sunset was so bright and saturated.  I zoomed in for this shot.

These shots are from the look out coming down from the Kaibab Plateau.

I also asked Glen to pull over to the side on one of the switchbacks further down.

Being in this place at sunset. . .

made our drive in the dark from north of Flagstaff to Phoenix worth it.

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