Friday, March 31, 2017

BYU Volleyball

Heather may not have been at Prom but she did enjoy some BYU Men's Volleyball.  She went with us both Friday and Saturday nights.  TJ joined us on Saturday as did my Provo sister.

Number one Long Beach was playing against third place BYU.  On Friday night BYU won over Long Beach in a nail biting five sets.  Saturday was a bit shorter as Long Beach won in three sets.  All of it was exciting with over 5000 BYU fans in the Smith Fieldhouse making noise.  Goodtimes!

Prom pics

This beautiful girl is a good friend of TJ's sister.  They met while at writing camps at BYU over the years.

Often TJ was also in town in the summer and soon they were all friends.

Thus TJ went to the Riverton Junior Prom and got the privilege of dancing in the State Capitol Building.

They had a great time.

And they both looked smashing!

Long weekend with grandkids

Our two oldest grandkids flew into Provo using their birthday gifts.

These Arizona kids were in awe over Spring.  Blooming trees and snow on the mountains is indeed stunning.

These two are close siblings and each was looking forward to a special event.

TJ would be going to Prom.

Heather was looking forward to a special writing conference.  I was just happy to have them in town.

Navajo Bridge and the Colorado River

On our trip to Arizona in March we took the Utah cousins to visit the Arizona cousins.  We didn't stop much on the way down but coming back we stopped at the Navajo Bridge to get our wiggles out.

All the way across makes for a fun quick walk.

The Navajo Bridge was completed in 1928.  A newer bridge carries the cars and trucks these days and the old bridge is for walkers.

The green Colorado River flows below.

The new bridge is visable in the background.

These two were good travelers.

So was their dad.

Warren's quilt and birthday

My youngest grandson is a lover of tractors, farm animals, outside, and dirt so using Lori Holt's Farm Vintage book I created a farm quilt for his birthday.

He wasn't too happy about a photo at first but I finally caught a smile.

We celebrated his birthday at the park not far from his home.  He wanted a "blue" birthday.  Grandpa came through with a crazy flower candle.

His sister and cousins had fun digging in the sand.

The sand digging crew just kept growing . . .

and growing.  It was a beautiful March day in Arizona.