Sunday, April 29, 2012

Splish, Splash

Glen and I helped sponsor a neighborhood picnic brunch at Gene Autry Park on Saturday morning.  Much to our surprise, there was a huge puddle under the playground equipment creating an instant mini water park much to the delight of the children.

They enjoyed a splashing good time.  Julianna is smart and realized that falling backward was preferable to falling forward.

She made a new friend, Lars.  They were a team.  Lars would wait at the top of the slide until Julianna was right behind him.

Then they were off, wet behinds and all.

They would connect at the bottom and then head for the water for some more splish splashing.  Sometimes the fun is worth wet clothes and clinging sand.  No, her mother was not present for this activity :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby news

The two current babies of the family reconnected at Troy's wedding reception.  They don't see one another as often now that they live in different states.  I knew that I needed a current picture of these two together.  It's hard because they are movers and shakers, so I just kept snapping away.  Enjoy!

They'll both turn "2" in the next couple of months.  Oscar received his first big haircut today.  I screamed when I saw this picture on FB.  Now he is a big boy!

That is why another FB post made me scream with happiness.  The next family baby expected in October is a girl!  Whatever will I do when the new babies stop coming?  Become a great-grandma?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two weeks of family events - Troy's Wedding

The second week ended with the wedding of Troy, DIL Sally's youngest sibling.  While not blood related, he feels like part of the family having known him now for 9 years.  The best part of last Thanksgiving with his family was to hear him tell his engagement story.  I'm so happy for him!

I've borrowed this picture of Troy and Lindsay exiting the Salt Lake Tempe from Troy's mother.  I love the joy displayed by this beautiful couple. I also want to point out that cute, happy face in the background, my sweet Sadie.

A reception was held later in the evening at Noah's in Lindon.  My highlight was watching my granddaughters, along with their older cousin, sing to their uncle and his new bride.  That babe in sandals wasn't in the original plan but she definitely decided that she should join her "sistas," as she calls them.

They did an awesome job.

Can't you just feel the love emanating from their family?  Mommy Sally is holding the camera in front and Daddy Dave is in the back center of the photograph.

Grandpa Scott clapped away.

It was a lovely venue flooded with family and love from both sides.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two weeks of family events - Sister Visits

The week after the funeral and missionary homecoming, two of my sisters came to Provo for a visit.  Lynette arrived first for a few days of fun before the BYU graduation of her SIL.  Janis arrived a few days later to retrieve her son and his things at the end of his freshman year.  It's been nice to have the Provo townhouse for the extended family to use for their comings and goings and BYU needs.

Lynette and I headed out on a very rainy Tuesday morning.  Lynette's daughter Brittany came along but with a book in hand.  She knew that the morning would be a quilt shop hop.  It was a good time for a hop as in hop out of the car and dash for the store door.

First stop, My Sister's Quilts where the prices are fair and sales are often.  I bought pillow case kits on clearance to round out the number of pillow cases my church group will be donating to a charity as part of the Million Pillowcase Challenge.  Brittany didn't seem too bored.

Second stop, Thimbles and Threads where many of the fabric bolts are displayed by color rather than fabric line.  I love this store in the historic part of Draper in what used to be an egg distribution center.  Glen's mother grew up in Draper and there is a bit of family history around every corner.  Lynette bought an Aunt Grace "Circle of Friends" complete block of the month kit with fabric in its own special bag which she found down in the basement on a clearance table.

Third stop, Elaine's Quilt Block where each room has a definite theme.  I was in search of Prairie Paisley II fabric for the borders and backing of my Schnibbles small quilt made from a charm pack of Prairie Paisley II.  I was panic stricken when I couldn't find the fabric on the shelf where it was just a week ago.  I finally found it stacked along the side of a cutting table.  Lynette helped me select the best three for my project.  Brittany chose to remain in the car with her book.

By now the rain had stopped and it was time for lunch.  We headed to downtown Salt Lake City for lunch at the Lion House (the above is the view from the window at our table), a walking tour of Temple Square, and a first visit to the new City Creek shopping district.  All that rain had washed everything pristine and left behind wispy white clouds and a clear blue sky.  Nothing is better than Spring tulip time in downtown SLC.  Enjoy the pictures!

Janae, there is now a H&M store in SLC!  I even bought myself a really cute summer top. (Don't tell anyone but it was in the maternity section :)