Monday, December 29, 2008

Nate & Nichelle, Nieces and Nephews

We have returned home from San Diego and a great wedding weekend. I will post more pictures later, but am borrowing this one from Janae's blog. I love it! The grandchildren are posing for the "official" photographer with Janae shooting from another angle. Getting this pose was not easy. Grandpa had to bribe them with lifesavers to look at the camera. They had snitched them from someone's bag. Silly grandchildren!

Nathan and Nichelle looked beautiful and soooo happy! It was a very special day.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

From our house to yours. . .

Merry Christmas!
Here we are with 6 of our adorable grandchildren. They have just finished participating in our annual nativity play.
We are so blessed!

Ruby and Sadie, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow in San Diego. Two days until Uncle Nate's wedding!

Thank you for letting me "borrow" your photo Emilia!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lisa's day

Since it is Lisa's birthday today, I thought it would be a good time to finally share her pictures taken the night of her high school graduation. Needless to say, I'm a bit tardy! She has gone on to be a very studious and lovely college student.

Mom and dad were and are very proud of her and rightly so. She is a gem of a girl and a wonderful daughter.
Here is the rest of her family except for Mark. They were thrilled to be attending yet another high school graduation.

And finally, their true colors and personality. Lisa, I hope you are having a stupendous birthday. I admire you greatly!

Monday, December 22, 2008

BD wishes to mom of four

Susan will begin her next year as a busy mom of four! We all agree that this little one is her best birthday, Christmas, and everyday gift.

Happy Birthday Susan!

She did receive another gift or two at our "adult" Christmas dinner last night. All my children and most of the spouses were in attendance. Emilia's mom also joined us. It was so quiet and calm. (Thank you Becky and the Rays.) We loved visiting with each other. Our December birthday people were guests of honor. David's best gift was bonding with Julianna with whom he was making great eye contact.

Nate took these pictures for me, so he missed being in this slightly fuzzy shot.

The December birthday club. We thought Julianna would be a member, but she surprised us and joined the crowded November club instead.

Life is good - only five days until Nate's wedding!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

2009 will bring the big "30"

David came to the realization this week that he is very near to "30." His father and I reassured him that it is not that bad. Perhaps he will even enjoy his 30's more because we think the 20's are a bit stressful with all those decisions to be made.
Happy Birthday David!
Ruby's expression says it all, "Just relax!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pretty in pink

Most baby afghans I crochet are white, meant to be used on the baby's blessing day. For some reason several months ago (before news of Julianna) I began crocheting in pink. Now I know why. It's finally finished, ribbon and all. Julianna came dressed in pink and brown on Sunday. Now she can be matchy-matchy.

She truly is the sweetest, most precious little thing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

50th BD of the 64 count crayons

Wow! I'm older than the 64 count crayon box. I always remembered these being a part of my childhood. Now I know it was just a part from age 6. I loved getting a new box of these crayons with so many colors. It was a well organized rainbow in a box. Too bad the above borrowed image has been jazzed up. I loved the look of the old box.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Self-imposed cupcake madness

This is what 200 red velvet cupcakes look like. Keep in mind that I chose to make these, it was not an assignment.

The cupcakes are finally frosted and decorated with individually made candy melt snowflakes and ready for transport to the ward Christmas party just 45 minutes before it begins. Above cupcakes took about 3-4 minutes each. Curious about what I have been doing with my time. Do the math!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Janae, Kari, Kami

We were watching news of the high school state football championship held yesterday. It made me think of these pictures with beautiful eyes taken at ASU Stadium when Mt. View was playing for the championship in 1999. Honestly, I don't remember who even won, but I've always loved these two pictures.

I know that life sometimes come at you fast (or slow), but I so admire all of you for your faithful attempts at mothering and having hope. You are all still so beautiful!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday morning chores

Raymond's mother feared for his safety during the move. With Big Ray's old movie camera in hand, he arrived early to help Big Glen with Saturday morning chores.

He thought it was very important to immortalize grandpa trimming the pomegranate tree, especially with a smile.

Grandpa obliged with a wave as well. I think Raymond has been watching his mother.

He quickly decided that he would rather climb the ladder. Then it was on to lawn mowing.

Holding onto Big Glen's pocket, "Little Glen" hung on for the whole walk.

This picture most clearly demonstrates why Raymond is sometimes referred to as "Little Glen."

There must have been a side change on the back forty. Ray hung in for the entire job. He and his grandpa moved on to pool cleaning, bird feeding, and pot watering while I was inside with Henry. Later in the afternoon, Raymond was mesmerized by the waterfalls (sprinklers). I can only imagine that the falling water was accompanied by music playing in his head.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

For Nate

It's not real, but it fits. I sorted out your ornaments, soon to be married man. This is what's left now that everyone has homes of their own. I hope you are here to enjoy it for a day or two. Henry touched it, but oh so carefully.

Friday, December 5, 2008

An odd juxtaposition

Yes, those are Christmas party goodie bags taking precedence over Thanksgiving being put away. We are all about pilgrims and Christmas lights (thank you Nate) over here.

Eric and Susan, this is how your children spent FHE on Monday night in your absence. Child labor helped fill these bags and it may explain the stuff on your kitchen table when you arrived home. Hopefully it will soon look a little more like Christmas at our house.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bundle of joy

Three excited siblings and their grandma waited excitedly for the new sister to arrive this evening.
They were pretty impressed by this little one.

Toby may not have cozied up as much, but a little sister is just what he needs to round of his edges. It was fun to have a little one on one time with him today. I really enjoyed this little chatter box.

She is a beauty and so small. Just right for holding.

Heather was most intrigued with her little sister.

She reads her dad a book she wrote and illustrated about her new sister. I also got in a few minutes of bonding and holding this little bundle of joy. Welcome to the family!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

All pie eaters should turkey trot

Sally and Nichelle arose early on Thanksgiving morning to run the 39th annual Mesa Turkey Trot. Both finished the 10K run. Perhaps only they (and Sally's brother Matt) should have eaten pie on Thanksgiving night.

After a shower, Nichelle was all set to help me finish up the pies. Nan H. had shared her pie making secrets at an enrichment activity the week before. I attended as I have always found pies to be worrisome to make as opposed to, say, a pan of brownies. Nan inspired me. The night before I had made 2 appleberry pies and the crusts for 2 cream pies. All from scratch. I sliced every apple!

The next morning after stuffing 2 turkeys and making several dozen rolls, I cooked up the vanilla pudding base for the coconut and chocolate pies.

Honestly, they all looked good enough to eat. We put meringue on the cream pies.

After dinner, everyone (and there were 23 of us), let things set a bit and then drove to Eric's home for pie and BINGO. I added my pies to Susan's pumpkin and Andrew's pecan. Emilia and her mom, Deujima (who had just arrived from Brazil two days prior - what must she think of our gluttony), brought the beautiful and delicious fruit pizza and we all indulged, but only Sally and Nichelle had already used up the calories.

This is my public thank you to all of you for contributing to our Thanksgiving feast, from Nate's peeling of 10 lbs. of Idaho russets which Ryan smashed, to Janae and Eric digitally saving the memories (check out their blogs on my blog roll.) Sally's family (including Christy, Randy, and Matt) brought candied yams and green beans and did most the clean up. Christy and Randy helped with the final prep and turkey carving as well. Susan kept the table setting rolling as well as hosting us for the final pie hurrah. David brought in the needed extra seating and Grandpa Glen organized BINGO with prizes, most popular of which were the $2 bills. The grandkids and Vail provided the before, during, and after dinner entertainment. Oh, and Nichelle made sure we had flowers!

I am so thankful for all of you! You bring me my greatest joy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mayflower musings

My original intent was a post about how my children are descendants of Thomas Rogers, the Pilgrim through their father's line. Before publishing such information, I went back to the file of information that I had printed from There were problems, such as a son being born before the father, etc. So internet sleuth that I am trying to become, I googled around for information on Sarah Rogers born in Plymouth in 1625. I soon found comments such as, "Every Rogers in New England claims to be a descendant of Thomas the Pilgrim." However, I did find one comment entry explaining that Thomas traveled on the Mayflower with his son, Joseph who was about 17 at the time. Thomas, who signed the Mayflower Compact, died the first winter and Joseph was taken into the home of Governor Bradford. In Bradford's diaries, he states that he is giving land to Joseph as well as funds to "his wife." This is well before Joseph's marriage to a "Hannah." If he was indeed married prior to Hannah (and some think that she was the step-mother of all of his children) Sarah Rogers fits into the time frame of 1620 Mayflower landing, "his wife" and Sarah's birth. Sarah ended up in the Newport, Rhode Island area and married Richard Knight in 1648. So, children, you "might" be related to Thomas the Pilgrim.
Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nate & Kyle hold a garage sale

Janae is holding a garage sale on Saturday morning. I offered to help while reminiscing about Nate's garage sale. She then went right to the expert, so Nathan will drive straight down from Utah to her house on Friday night so as to be there for the big event. Nichelle can't wait to do her part by holding Henry. Nathan has always loved to sell things. He would beg me to sign up for the snack bar at the baseball fields so that he could be behind the counter. Remember the snack wagon? He was in his element exchanging coins for treats. He begged to have a garage sale, so I pulled together what I could part with and he and Kyle organized it and ran it.

While going through his photo albums to find the garage sale picture, I run across this gem. It really should have made my Halloween post. Ah, the cousins, how cute you were (and are:)

I also found this picture and almost cried. What a great way to end a day, reading a bedtime story to one you love. I can't believe he's getting married, for this seems like only yesterday. Troubles would start her nightly bed swap here. When Janae went to bed she would come and take Troubles with her and shut her door. David would merely open Nae's door on his way to bed, and Troubles would follow him - UNLESS I was up doing my ASU homework. Then she would leave Dave and sit by my feet until I was finished. I guess she knew I needed her support as well. That's really what dogs are for you know, support and unconditional love.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

High of 92 and still this hint of fall color

We broke a record today - hottest November 18th on record. However, this weekend, we spotted this orange cluster of leaves on the flowering pear tree. We bought this tree specifically for its fall (or January) color. So as you see, one can hope for cooler, colorful days ahead. We also chose this tree because it is one of the first to bloom in Spring. It's a keeper!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Henry's first year

It was a delight to meet you on your "birth" day. You couldn't have planned your arrival better, the same day as my advance purchased plane ticket. Thank you!

You were baby Jesus for the family nativity and played your part very well. Your daddy chose to play Joseph so that you would not be mishandled. We may not be able to see your face, but that little bundle in dad's arm is a tiny Henry.

After the Christmas festivities, you received a name and a blessing and hung out with grandpa and grandma. You were a joy to hold, so soft and warm.

By April, you were helping Dad graduate from college and looking very healthy. It was a very proud day for everyone and we were happy to be there.

Thank you for showing us the correct way to eat cake at the family birthday gathering last night. It was delightful.
Happy 1st Birthday
little one!
(This photo courtesy of Henry's mother, check here for more)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toby smiles for his birthday

Some babies are born too small. You copied your brother and joined your family 11 weeks early. This meant that you were barely an armful and had to spend time in the NICU.

The nurses, of course, loved you, too. They created your own bulletin board of important things. When you came home from the hospital at just 4 lbs., you seemed too small and frail for my big hands. I would carefully put on your undershirts hoping not to hurt you. Some of my favorite Sunday afternoons were the ones when I would send your mom off to RS and I would stay at your home cuddling you. You were too small to interact with the big, wide world.

Now you have grown and grown and you talk to me on the telephone. You love coming to our house and that makes us very happy.

You manage to find all sorts of very interesting things to do.

Keep on smiling while you are "4" and enjoy every minute! Grandma and Grandpa wish you a very