Monday, April 3, 2017

Grandkid photo shoot

The last Sunday in March found us in Heber City where my daughter and her husband had prepared us dinner.  The grand kids had a great time hanging out with their older cousins visiting from Arizona.  My youngest son and family also joined us.  I realized that half of my grandchildren were there which called for a picture.

The youngest little sweetheart in attendance didn't want to sit or smile so her father entered the picture as well.

We still hoped for a smile and tried hard to make it happen. 

Soon there was smiling and laughing.

This was going to be harder than we imagined!

I just kept clicking hoping for a great shot.

What I got was a great series of my grands enjoying each other.

Thanks Ceci!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Temple Square with TJ and Heather

It has somewhat become a tradition to take family visitors to Music and the Spoken Word and Temple Square on Sunday morning.  During the winter/spring months it is recorded in the historic tabernacle which is know for its great acoustics.  The music was beautiful and the Tabernacle was full of listeners.

After listening to the preview and final version we took a walk and enjoyed Spring.

It was a beautiful morning.

I love that these two are such great siblings.

Walking the SLC streets.

We exited by the Conference Center which is must busier today with General Conference.  Their father has joined us this weekend and I'm sure is now seated for the afternoon session.