Saturday, April 29, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt with a view

This year we had our Easter Egg Hunt in an amazing place, my son's current backyard.  There was plenty of places to hide eggs while enjoying beautiful mountain views.

These are our Utah grand children and they are just waiting to be told, "GO!"

It was fun to watch them from the deck as they scurried about.

Little Ceci had a bit of help from her mom.

And her brother and father.

They had a lot of ground to cover in their hunt.

I wonder if next year when Raymond  is twelve, if  he will decide to hide rather than gather.

Oscar shows his golden egg, which was where the money was.

He was pretty proud and happy.

One final swing through the yard.

Adult viewing area.

Then it was time to check out those eggs.

Opal took this seriously.

Henry's great big egg pile.

Yes, cousin Jenny, you are too old to hunt but thanks for coming to Easter Dinner.

Ceci checking out her eggs away from the busy table.

It was a great afternoon.

"This is my new Easter dress and sandals."

"These are my bunny ears that I got for Easter.  When my grandma came to stay with me for a while the next week, I chose to wear them instead of my favorite hat."

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