Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pretty in Pink


Exciting things happened this week.  This boy became a big brother.

His baby sister is my 13th grand child and 7th grand girl.  I couldn't be happier.

It has been so fun to watch my son with his baby girl.

Now it was Oscar's turn to hold the baby.

It was fun to see his reactions and to hear his many questions.

 Such a sweetie!  Her cousin born a bit over a year ago, had a similar picture with his tongue out but he also looked like he had purposely put his fingers in his ears and waggled them.

Now she is at home and is almost 2 days old in the next pictures.

I pulled up a picture of her father' as a baby to compare.  There are some commonalities.

Awe!  We also enjoyed a bit of eye contact.

Just look at all that hair.

I cocooned her in the pink knit blanket that I made.  Isn't she pretty in pink?

I am a blessed grandma who now has a "Baker's Dozen" of grandchildren.  Welcome Cecilia Ruth!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring in Salt Lake City

Last Monday, Glen and I drove back from our week in Arizona.  On Tuesday, Glen had a business appointment in Salt Lake City.  He invited me to go along, perhaps so that he might use the HOV lane.  I consented, even though I had just spent 10 continuous hours in the car the day before, because I knew I could go see the tulips at Temple Square and work in a visit to my Salt Lake grandson.

If ever you find yourself in Salt Lake City in April, a visit to see the tulips in all their downtown glory is a must.

I made a very fast tulip walk on my own as Glen found a quiet side street to park his car and continue business.  His miss!

I thought I would edit out a few pictures but once I uploaded them, found that to be impossible.

It was a cloudy day which in some ways seemed to intensify the color.

I am so thankful for faithful gardeners and volunteers who make this beauty possible.

I loved the gray tones provided by the clouds which did portent moisture and even snow falling the next day.


As I made my way back to the car, I found myself crossing the street right by Brigham Young Park.

I entered for a moment and found this delicious mix of white tree blossoms and bright red tulips.

Magical and lovely, right next to the traffic streaming by.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Arizona Easter 2015

This year we enjoyed another Arizona Easter.  Sometimes I feel that we need to hold on to this home and its lovely outdoors just for family Easter celebrations.  The weather warm, the grass green, the trees with leaves, blooming things, and that makes it just about perfect.  The family is growing (yeah!) and we no longer all fit around the long dining table with its four extenders.

There was a girls' table with really cute girls, wooden tulips, and fuzzy chicks.

An adults and very small people table with fresh tulips thanks to my daughter Janae's family.

Janae wasn't sure if Opal would relinquish her tulip bundle, but she did.

And there was a boys' breakfast bar with clicking chickens.  They loved it because the special sodas and homemade rolls were right in front of them.  I will not comment on Henry's special smile.

A little four square to work off dinner.

We have the only driveway in the whole neighborhood with an incline, so this activity moved across the street.  Thanks Denise for the use of your driveway!

As the shadows lengthened, we shooed them back inside for strawberry shortcake so the the dads, visiting older 2nd cousins, and TJ could hide over 200 eggs.  Our Easter Bunny does everything big.

The grandchildren were released through the front door from youngest to oldest.

That means handsome Warren got to go first.  He attended last years event but was so small.  This year he was a participant!

Mabel in her rabbit ears and new Easter dress.  You should see it twirl!

Julianna loves the egg hunt and totaling up her loot.

Heather humored me and hunted eggs one more time.  We also had a discussion about her age.  I told her she was 12 because I can not yet process 13.

Ruby posing on the bench under the ash tree.  It was just a year ago that we did our family photo shoot near that tree.

Sadie is a careful hunter.  I don't think that anyone had to point out any eggs she missed.  We have our own unique way of egg hunting.  I put different stickers for each hunter on their eggs.  They have to find the ones with their sticker.  It evens things out, takes more time, and then they help the little ones.

Toby especially likes the eggs holding cash or fireworks.  Yes, you read that right.  An idea which is wholly grandpa inspired.

Henry and his family get the award for traveling the farthest.  He was so happy to be in Arizona and in the swimming pool.

Raymond is growing up way too fast.  He is especially sweet with his little sister.  They are on Spring Break this week so left our Mesa house on Monday morning for California and the delights of ocean, sand, Lego Land, and Disney inspired fun.

Hi Warren!  Handsome dads make handsome sons.

A TJ sandwich of three generations, Grandpa Glen, TJ,  and his dad.  TJ was awarded a large egg with more cash than his younger cousins.  Thanks TJ for being the oldest and always so willing to help.

It was a perfect day!  Nothing better than family.  They are my joy.

There was a little bit of drama that I overheard when Warren approached Opal's basket.

"No Warren!  Those are mine!  You, (pointing toward the door) go inside now!"

And he obeyed.

I love life's special moments and longtime memories.

Then it was time to light those fireworks.  Did I mention that this required a trip to Evanston one Saturday back in March?

And that's a wrap!  Thanks to everyone for coming!

Bubbles and an Arizona sunset provided a perfect ending.