Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Spring and sewing

Those blossom covered trees are really making me happy so I moved my photo taking outside.

Love that balcony in the tree tops.  It is a great summer place to read a book.  I bought a chaise lounge chair and placed it on that balcony.  It feels like you are in a tree house.

This smaller balcony is just off the kitchen.  It is where Opal was hanging out on Saturday.

My view of the "Y" from my front porch.


And some more surprise tulips bloomed.  Now those are cheery tulips.

There are now red tulips, too.  I think I will have to shop the Thanksgiving Point tulip sale again so that I can fill in all those spaces.  It has been so fun to see what will bloom next.

This is what has been "blooming" inside.  I won a prize of a Riley Blake Vintage Happy 10 inch stacker from the Quilty Fun Sew Along.  I was so excited to win!  My "bee happy" block was highlighted on the Fat Quarter Shop Blog.

Then they announced another sew along this time using Lori Holt's new book "Great Granny Squared."  I already had the book so I decided to see how many great grannies I could make with my 24 pieces of fabric 10 inches square from Lori Holt's new fabric line.

This was a pretty great way to go because there is no waste and I could cut sixteen 2 1/2 inch squares from each fabric square using 12 of one fabric square for the outer level, then 8 from another fabric, then 4 from another, and a center square from yet another.

I easily pieced ten blocks with a few leftover squares, so I ordered another 10 inch stacker of Vintage Happy and I plan on making the quilt on the cover which is made with 20 great granny squares and 5 1/2 yards of white background fabric.  I picked up some Kona white cotton at JoAnn's with a coupon and senior day discount for that part.

I would rather make this larger quilt than participate in the new sew along.  Vintage Happy really does make me feel happy.

I also picked up this month's Saturday Sampler packet last Saturday.

This morning I put together these hexagon blocks.  I'm so excited to see the final quilt.  Just two more Saturday Samplers to go and I think it will mostly be applique and finish work.

I bought their hexagon template rather than try to make my own.

I bought it because I thought I might want to make another quilt using this ruler after I saw Amy demonstrate what happens when you off set the hexagon blocks.  Can you see that fun little zig zag happening?

And finally, this is what I watched outside my favorite window last night or rather early this morning.  It was pretty amazing. So glad that we had clear skies and that it was easily viewed from my window.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Opal discovers the balcony and who needs cherry blossoms

Grandpa left the sliding glass door open for fresh air on Saturday.  Miss Opal was discovered sitting in the corner of the balcony all by herself.

She loved sitting high above the ground looking into the tree tops.  Big brother brought out some of grandpa's latest online purchases.

After a bit of discussion with these doggies . . .

she selected the one in her lap and took it home with her.  Notice the BOMA pen?  There is always one in her hand because you never know when you might need to promote the business or mark up a wall.

This is why she was so enamored with the balcony.  It really is beautiful out there right now.

All three trees on the east side are now in full bloom which means that every time I look out an east facing window (and that is most the windows in this house) this is what I see.

I love this great big window.  Last night I watched Mars and the moon rise over the mountains.  Right now I am surrounded by rainbows as the sunlight makes its way through all those prisms.

First thing this morning when I got up, it was all rosy light outside when I opened the front door.

And this is what I saw when I glanced out my favorite window.  Who needs cherry blossoms?

Remember those Thanksgiving Point tulips I bought last year and planted here and there?  Well, they are up!  The magic of it all is that you don't know what kind of tulips you are buying so it is also a surprise.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter message for this week

I want to share an Easter message with you this Sabbath Day.  Please go to an  Easter message  and learn more of Him who lived again and provided a way that we all might live again.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quilty Fun Sew Along ended with issues

This is the last block of the Quilty Fun Sew Along.  It is a label for the back of the quilt.

I have really enjoyed doing the embroidery.  But I must tell you, my first issue was that I left scorch marks on the white as I was attempting to flatten my blue flower or bow.  Thank heavens for google!  I googled how to remove scorch marks and if it was brand new scorching all it needed was a 24 hour cold water soak AND it worked!  No marks remained!

I filled in my larger letters rather than just do the outline work.

I also made my scrappy binding from the leftover fabric I used for my color palette.

Then it was time for borders and issue number two.  I had several pieces of the dot fabric from an earlier quilt border, a much earlier quilt border and I had used some of it in the sampler.  I thought there just might be enough for the postage stamp border so I cut away.  Guess what?  I ran out of fabric when I had cut 43 rectangles.  Ouch!  I needed 48.  I began the fabric shop hop for the right dots.  Then I finally gave up and bought the darling Wishes line of fabric diagonal checks.  The color was certainly right and my outer border fabric also had diagonal squares going on.

Then came the next "oh, no" moment known as issue three.  I thought I had more than enough of that green dot fabric for the back.  I had bought it for the back of another long ago quilt but decided it was the wrong green.  It was just the right green for this quilt.  Once again I was short.  But there are small miracles in every one's life,  right?  During my search for the right dot, I found the above Bake Sale fabric as a flat fold on a table at half price.  I picked it up for apron material (my favorite bridal shower gift.) 

As I flipped through a stack of Lori Holt fabric searching for answers, it resurfaced and it was perfect for a strip down the back including the quilt label.

These pictures aren't the best.  I grabbed my hubby before he went out the door to hold up the back and front for me.  I need a clothesline!  Here is the back with label and fabric that saved me.

This is the front.  This had been a fun project.  It was 20 weeks of new sewing to do each week.  I loved using up my leftover fabric.  The goal was to buy as little as possible.  I just shared with you my major purchases.  I even had several yards of the white background fabric left over from special hand smocked dresses I made for my grand daughters.  The Quilty Fun directions are still online if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Willie/Martin Handcart Companies and a Mission

My husband has an uncle just a bit older than himself.  This uncle is like a brother to my husband.  He and his sweet wife are the parents of six and the grandparents of thirty-one grandchildren.  But all that family is being left behind has they prepare to serve for six months in Wyoming as missionaries.  They will help visitors to understand and learn about the Willie Martin Handcart Companies which found themselves in a monstrous snowstorm in October 1856.  To read more about the Willie Martin Companies go here.

This map shows where they will be serving.  Click here for a larger view.  They will be taking their fifth wheel and will be staying at the Sweetwater River near Rocky Ridge where the Willie Company was first rescued.

Here is another map with a closer view of the area.

This story is one of courage, both of the Company members who suffered and died as well as those who headed east from Utah to help rescue them.

Once of my ancestors, Thomas Edwin Ricks, age 28 at the time, was a rescuer, but was just one of many who heeded President Brigham Young's call for help.

This is a story and time which hold great significance for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  New converts, mostly from England, heeded the call to gather to Utah to join fellow saints and many lost their lives.  Men willingly went forth with supplies, animals, and wagons in very difficult circumstances to bring them on "home."  It is common practice for youth groups to reenact a journey by handcart.  It is done in hopes that they will better appreciate sacrifices made by those who have gone before.

Phil and Lynette leave tomorrow and will have the opportunity to share this story with many.  I am sure that their experiences will become part of their most precious memories.  Glen and I plan to go to Wyoming this July.  We may not come across Phil and Lynette but it is time for us to visit this place, hopefully with other family members.  We also plan to travel on to Mt. Rushmore before turning back west.  Glen has negotiated with a motel in Casper for a discounted rate a block of rooms.  Please let us know if you are in for this adventure.  Dates are Monday, July 7 - 9, with two nights in Casper.  I don't think that there will be any snow :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Provo City Center Temple

A week ago I took some pictures of the progress on the Provo City Center Temple when I went to the post office.  The post office parking lot is a great spot for taking pictures of this amazing construction project.

As you can see, they have dug the earth out to basement level and there is so much happening underneath and to the south of the old tabernacle building.

This will be a giant outdoor space with water features.

It has been so interesting to watch the progress of creating new from the old that was so loved.

Now I left the post office and have made my way to the north side.

I'm not sure about the purpose of wrapping the building in plastic, but I can tell you that the middle spire changed dramatically last Tuesday.

The Angel Moroni was placed on the very peak of that spire.

The Angel Moroni is found on many LDS temples.  It was the Angel Moroni who appeared to Joseph Smith and gave him instruction as well as showed him where to find the buried gold plates which were translated and printed as The Book of Mormon.  He symbolizes the restoration of the gospel and the preaching of it to the world with the horn held to his lips.

The placing of the Angel Moroni is never a formal event nor widely announced.  I felt so bad when I discovered that I had missed it by just a few minutes.  But I soon discovered that that new middle and taller spire is visible from the south facing windows of our town home in Provo.  There it is, dead center in the above picture near the crane.  You can't see it in the photo, but I could see the golden gleam as the sun shone on Angel Moroni this morning.  This temple has become very precious to me.