Monday, January 30, 2017

Laura's Dress from Little House on the Prairie fabric

Last summer I sewed Little House on the Prairie clothes for my granddaughters.  Pictures here.

This month I came across a great pattern for the "Laura Dress" that was written for  their American Girl dolls which are 18 inch dolls.

I had enough left over fabric from the two youngest granddaughters outfits to make them each a a set of clothes from the pattern.

Each will get a sunbonnet, Laura dress, and pinafore.

I had to change them up with the girls' dress fabric being used for the pinafore and the girls' pinafore fabric for the dress as the pinafores used less fabric than the dresses when I cut the girls' out last summer.

I was able to cut the sunbonnets from a fat quarter of additional Little House on the Prairie fabrics by Andover.

Luckily I had a little box full of different colors of very small buttons.

Years ago I purchased my own American Girl doll.  I always stated that if I were a girl when these dolls came out, Kirsten would be the one for me.  So I bought me one about 15 years ago and she is my ever faithful model and dress form.

This is the Laura Dress pattern by Avery Lane.

It worked well.  My only issue was that the waist strip was a bit short for my doll's waist.  Next time (if there is a next time) I will measure the waist of the doll before proceeding.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ceci's birthday quilt

This quilt was finished April 2016 for my granddaughter on her 1st birthday.

I used Tasha Noel and her cute girls for the centers and Bonnie and Camille  to finish and highlight each block.

It was fun to see it all come together.  Sashing corners were also fussy cute fabric of girls on a bike.

I sewed together a backing from different pieces of fabric including a label.


I feel like each block tells a story.

I hope that Cecilia will enjoy this quilt forever.

When I found the stripe with matching repeating colors I knew it was just right.

Bllom Along with Lori Holt and Calico Days fabric line

I loved Lori Holt's sew along last year but decided to do my own style of applique, back basting.  I bought "Inspired by Tradition" a couple of years back and was excited to use these patterns for my Bloom Along.  Following are pictures of the 12 blocks I made from the Calico Days fabric line.

As I sewed, I pinned them to my bulletin board on the wall above my sewing machine.  That way, it was always blooming inside while winter weather and a late Spring happened outside.

My completed top just waiting for me to quilt it.  I think it may be a hand quilting project.

Quilting projects completed in 2016

This is Emelia's and Ryan's Christmas quilt meant for Christmas 2015 but finished and delivered the first of January 2016.

I understand that that minky backing makes this quilt pretty popular year round.

Better late than ever!  I have been busy recreating my quilting life in 2016.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas activities 2016

Part of December was spent in Arizona where we visited the Mesa Arizona Temple lights with our Arizona grandchildren as well as their Utah cousin visitors.

It was a beautiful evening and display.

My favorite part has always been the Wise Men crossing the large front lawn.

We took a walk north to the street to take in the view.

It is always beautiful and heart warming.

If I'm in Arizona next year, I will have to see if pictures with my new camera might be clearer.

We celebrated my middle son's birthday and let his family open their presents early as they were traveling to their other grandparents for the Christmas weekend.  That sweet little girl is his older brother's baby and she was the best part of 2016.

This year our main gift to each family was a family history book that I put together.

I took these pictures so I can remember how I decorated this year.

On Christmas Eve we had visitors in their new Christmas pajamas, our Utah grand children.  Their parents also came over for a Christmas Eve chimichanga dinner which has been a tradition for years.  The Bunkers also joined us.

The next morning we awoke to White Christmas.  Before church services we went to our son's home to see their gifts and to enjoy a breakfast fixed by his wife, Nichelle.  It was a lovely drive through the freshly fallen snow.

There is something special about a White Christmas.

This year we splurged and bought a 9 1/2 foot tree for our high ceiling kitchen/family room.  We have really enjoyed it and there was room to put all the ornaments on this tree that we have collected over the years.

That cute little mouse ballerina was my new ornament for this year.

This year we flocked our old tree and decorated it as a Hummel tree in honor of my mother and her love of Hummel figurines.  My husband thought it would look better as a flocked tree which we did ourselves in the garage.


I really enjoyed have this special tree in our living room this year.  I began collected the Hummel inspired ornaments in 1999 shortly after my mother passed away in October.

We had been invited to my sister's home for Christmas dinner.  As we stopped to take a picture of our jingle bells with snow top hats, the evergreen tree broke in half right before our eyes.  First there was a cascade of snow and then a swosh as the tree top landed.

What are the chances of this happening as we sat in front in the car?  It was a heavy snow.

It did look a bit like someone had discarded their Christmas tree.  I guess that is why someone left their tree next to it the day after Christmas.

And here is the jingle bell picture I was taking.

A winter wonderland on the way to my sister's home.

On the Tuesday after Christmas we collected my husband's sisters and went to lunch.  Before taking them home we drove to Draper and the city park where we reminisced until the Tree of Life turned on.  It was so beautiful just as the sun was going down.  This park is full of family memories.

It was a wonderful December, both in Arizona and Utah.  And now it is time for a brand new year.