Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine pillows ready for February

I finished my three Valentine pillows just in time for the month of hearts.

Each pillow has a scrappy heart. Some of the fabrics used have a "sewing" theme including spools, buttons, and sewing instructions.

Each heart is surrounded by a "ball headed pins" on white fabric.

 Each pillow has a different outer border.

They also have different backs.

After doing a small amount of machine quilting on the fronts, I made spilt backs for ease in the insertion of 14 inch pillow forms.  Fronts and backs were sewn together wrong sides together on the outer edge.

Then I cut 3 inch wide strips to make a binding wide enough to cover the seam.  I bound the edges just like I would with a quilt by sewing with machine to the right side and then hand stitching it down on the back.

I planned on scrappy binding, but ran out of fabric. I found this fabric in my stash for the final binding.

The other two were scrappy.

I love these on my red sofa.  Only two are staying.  The one that is not quite like the others is going to another home.  Shhhhsh!  It is a surprise!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sew along projects through January

Today I completed this week's Quilty Fun Sew Along project on the same day it was released.

These are my honeycomb (snowball) blocks all ready to be added to the sampler.

And these are my Saturday Sampler projects for January.  Those circles now have corners after being trimmed into an octagon and they have contrasting centers.

There were also seven sets of flying geese blocks to be made, 28 in all.  I'm starting to feel some excitement for the final project. Five more months to go!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jesse Warren Clement and Sarah Matilda Brady

Darius Salem Clement and Louisa Kelsey  had a son named Jesse Warren Clement who married Sarah Matilda Brady.  They meet in Fairview, Utah where both were born, Jesse in 1874 and Sarah Matilda in 1875.  They became very aware of each other after Sarah Matilda returned to Fairview after her family had lived in Colorado for a number of years.  The above image is of a page taken from a memoir written by Ted Clement titled "Time and Chance." Jesse and Sarah were Ted's parents and Della Clement Jenson was Ted's oldest sister and my husband Glen's grandmother.

Jesse Warren, in the center of the picture, was one of ten siblings.

Jesse was also known for his athletic abilities including being the star pitcher for the home town baseball team.  Both Jesse and Sarah are highlighted in this picture of the team and supporters in the middle of a page also from Ted's book.

After marrying in the Manti Temple in October of 1895, they first lived in Fairview where Jesse was well know for the houses he built and things he could make.  Sarah sewed for her family and took care of their many needs.  There was much tragedy in their lives as they were to lose three young sons.  Warren, born in 1901, died in a horrible accident in his father's mill in 1909.  Salem Winton died of pneumonia as a baby in that same year.  In 1914 the family moved to the new community of Talmadge, Utah and it was there that they lost their third son, Gwendlin Clay at age twelve on July 4, 1917 when he and his horse were struck by lightening.  This was almost more than Jesse and Sarah could bare.  They took Clay back to Fairview to be buried near his brothers. These three sons were born after Della and Jesse, Jr. in 1901, 1905, and 1908.

The above automobile is called an Overland and they were among the first in Fairview to have a car. 

This is a picture of Jesse Warren with a weeder/cultivator he invented. He received a patent on it in 1925 and had 500 manufactured in the Tri-Cities area of the Midwest.  He and Sarah drove cross country in a new Willys-Knight (Overland 1927 model) for several weeks one summer stopping to make arrangements for the cultivator manufacturing, visit church history sites and national parks, and see New York City.

After Clay's death, the family gave up on Talmage where it was hard to have a constant source of  water, and lived in the north part of Duchesne.  Jesse also built several houses in Duchesne.

He and his sons and son-in-laws also ran sawmills in several different locations where there was timber to get the lumber needed.  In 1933, Jesse Warren died unexpectedly from a ruptured appendix after making a long journey by car over dirt roads to Salt Lake City for medical care but it was too late.  His body was returned to Fairview by train where other family members had arrived from Duchesne to meet Sarah.  Jesse Warren Clement was laid to rest by his sons.

Sarah Matilda now had to carry on without her husband.  Life would be hard but she had her children.  Sarah was the daughter of Jordan Hendrickson Brady and Mary Lovina Howell.  She also came from a large family she being the seventh of thirteen children.  I am not sure as I don't have a labeled picture, but I think Sarah Matilda is seated on the far left side of this picture.

This is another page from Ted's book.  She is in the dark dress and her oldest daughter, Della, is standing to her left. Ted, the author of the book, is at the very left of the picture.

An earlier picture with her sons and daughters.  She lived until 1970 and was a widow for 37 years.  Her last years were spent with her son Ted and his family in northern California.

Jesse Warren and Sarah Matilda standing outside their home in Duchesne built by Jesse shortly before his death.

After Sarah's death, she also was buried in the Fairview Cemetery.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Monday outing

The grand kids were out of school on MLK Day so we planned an outing.  Grandpa received gift cards for Goodwoods BBQ during the holidays, so he invited everyone to join him for lunch.  He is showing the grandsons pictures from his camera taken during their sleepover the week before.

Ray was also with us this time.  He had basketball game and another activity last weekend, so didn't sleepover.  Opal and the mommas also joined us.

After lunch went to the BYU Museum of Art to see the new exhibit, "Sacred Gifts."

I borrowed this photo from another site as photography was not allowed inside.  It was a beautiful exhibit but very crowded due to the holiday.  Our three year old broke free and for a minute we were afraid he would destroy some priceless art.  He and his mom made a quick exit and we didn't stay long with the others either. 

I plan on returning on a quiet afternoon when I can really take everything in.  This exhibit includes the art of three religious art painters from the 1800's.  It includes Bloch pieces from the Frederiksborg Castle as well as pieces loaned from other churches and locations in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.  If you go, make sure to watch the film first as it includes great historical information. The exhibit closes in mid-June 2014.

The boys remembered the fun sculptures outside from our last visit.

We had to take photos once again.

I am so happy to have this great museum nearby and appreciate that the exhibits are free.

These brothers are the best.  They really love and watch out for each other.

Don't you love Henry's shoes?

Raymond shares a copy of the Daily Universe with grandpa.

Unlike last January, there has been lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures this year.  The snow is melting.  I would like some more fresh snow and we really need to add to the snow pack in the mountains. I hope we skip any more single digit temps.

Opal was a great stroller baby.

She is sometimes stingy with her smiles but I call that a happy face.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ping Pong Projects

I really do feel like a ping pong ball.  I've been working on several projects this month all at the same time.  I cut awhile, I sew awhile, and then I find something new and it all starts over again.  I have loved sewing along with the Lori Holt Quilty Fun Sampler.  I finished the trees.

The half square triangles. . .

and the scrappy four patches.

I went shopping for a 5 1/2 inch square ruler and found some great fat quarters that I just loved.  The next day there was a fun tutorial for making heart pillows and I knew why I needed those fat quarters.  The Riley Blake small heart fabric was left over from my American Girl Valentine jumper project last year.  Now I need to quilt then make the backs and bind my pillow covers.

I needed that 5 1/2 inch ruler so that I could trim my circles for my January Saturday Sampler blocks.  They will receive white corners after I finish the appliqued circle centers.  These have been time consuming.

I came across a blog telling about a Craftsy pattern of the month where the blocks for "The Farmer's Wife" were simplified.  The book and fabric I planned to use for the quilt have been on the shelf for years and I was happy for this option.  I downloaded the pattern and immediately had to do the cutting for the first 10 blocks.  By the end of the year, I hope to have the blocks for this quilt completed.

I've also been working on two baby boy cousin quilts.  These blocks are for my grandson's quilt. He will arrive in a month or so.

His cousin has been around for a couple of months and this is his quilt which I am machine quilting and binding today.  I hope to deliver it when I go to a baby shower for my soon to be born grandson tomorrow night.  You will notice that there are common elements in both quilts, just in a different color way.  Yes, once again I am using the "Yellow Brick Road" pattern.  It goes together easily, six fat quarters are totally used up in making the blocks, and the younger generation seems to like the modern fabric, colors, and feel of this quilt pattern.

There is one more quilt that I have been working on as well, but I'm keeping it a secret for now.  The blocks are in strips and I am waiting for some border fabric to arrive in the mail.  It is for me and it makes me feel young and happy.  Can't wait to share!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Babysitting Grandpa

We enjoyed some weekend visitors a week ago.

They especially love their grandpa.

Oscar had brought a special book to share.

Grandpa was happy to teach them "How to Babysit Grandpa."

This is our favorite bedtime story corner.

Grandpa shared some funny pictures from his phone.

This is how Oscar looks upside down.

Henry also obliged.  Don't you just love his current gaped tooth smile?

Grandpa Glen brought out some new toys he had ordered at Christmas time.  They especially loved the Penguin Race.

The highlight of the weekend was our visit to the Provo Rec Center play pool.  They loved it!  Grandma was the hero of this outing.  They only agreed to get out because there is a 10 minute rest period every hour when everyone gets out. (I think they just want to make sure that everyone uses the restroom and not the pools.)  They loved the blue slide.  That is Henry in the red swim shirt and Oscar running across the top to go again.  There may be a grandma in the picture as well but I would hate to point out anyone who hates to be seen in her swimsuit.