Monday, January 13, 2014

Grandpa Glen's birthday and more American girls

While in Arizona, Grandpa Glen celebrated his birthday.  He played BINGO with the grand girls who were having a sleepover, was allowed to add bacon and eggs to our traditional girls sleepover ebelskiver breakfast, passed out snappers to the grand children for a snapper war, and took down the Christmas lights with the help of his grand sons.  There was no cake.  He requested peanut butter cookies instead.  I think he is tired of my birthday cake experimentation on his day.  There was the traditional hand clapping.

Sadie lost a tooth while with us but did not give it to Grandpa for his birthday.  She wrote out this note instead.  Grandpa did pass out $2 bills during BINGO.  He told me later that a couple of the girls had given him one back as a birthday gift.

I posted here about my American girls and their aprons and how I was going to make photo books for the girls.  I took so many pictures during our photo shoot that I just have to share some more of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Two girls,

Three girls,

And four  girls with their dolls.  (Julianna was hanging out with Grandpa.)

Oh, she's back!

The birthday boy.

Our standard birthday picture by his latest tree.  The tree is winning!

Daddy showed up to see if his youngest was ready to go home.

She was not.

Heather had her own American Girl photo shoot.

She was working amongst the Virginia creeper.  The leaves are usually off of this tree by Glen's birthday, but the creeper holds out a bit longer.

The snapper war and a work crew member.

TJ taking down all those icicle lights.

And this is January in Arizona, green grass, ripe citrus, and lots of sunshine.

The war goes on.

This was the first time the "little" girls stayed the night through.  They did great.

Empty hanging flower baskets were turned into American Girl swings.

Eye glass switch.

And a cheese tray for lunch.  After they all went home, I took Grandpa Glen to Bucca de Beppo for a spaghetti dinner.  The next day, Ryan and Emilia took us to Oregano's for pizza and salad.

Another year has come along with another birthday, and Glen is now older than his parents were when we lost them both way too soon.  I call that a blessing.


LaNell said...

I just keep filing away in my brain all things American Girl for when my grand girls are old enough. Instead of filing I should start sewing, but I know I won't. Keep posting!

Sally Jensen Interiors said...

Cutest little munchkins. Looks like they loved it!