Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grandpa's lights - 2013

Grandpa Glen loves to put out lights for Christmas around Thanksgiving time. He did so again this year even though we would remain in Utah for Christmas.  It was his gift to the neighborhood and he was helped by his grandsons and some of their friends.

He scaled back some, especially since tall Nate was not available to help.  Nate always does the roof line and really high up tasks.  It was still lovely.

He took the grand girls for a tour before taking them down with the grand sons assistance a week ago.

He has a simple but beautiful nativity.

The girls pose with the nativity this year instead of in our nativity costumes.

Grandpa took pictures of his girls on his telephone as well.

The icicle dripping lime tree is always a big draw.

So are the multi-colored trees on the corner.

Mustn't forget the polar bear.

Ruby especially likes the polar bear.

Lights over our winter flower garden.

Great job Glen!

And good night!


Heidi said...

They look great, I love Christmas lights!

LaNell said...

I love the three trees on the corner. I wish I would have bought some the first year I saw you put them out. It always feels like Christmas when I see them go up. Thanks for your gift to the neighborhood.