Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rest stop

When we travel between Utah and Arizona we often plan a little side trip to change it up a bit.  This little side trip usually is back to nature, so to speak.  It was a bit chilly last trip so we skipped nature.

We knew that the Bellagio in Las Vegas would still be decked out for the holidays, so that became our "rest stop."

It had been a few years since we had stopped.  It was packed with people. I liked that the conservatory seemed to be drawing more people than the casino.

Lovely poinsettias.

I love natural light filled spaces.

A walk through the tunnel gave an illusion of snow falling.  I had just arrived from northern Utah so wasn't all that impressed.

I did like the reindeer. . .

and sugar plum lane.

There were even flying reindeer.

We left the conservatory. . .

and soon found ourselves under. . .

the Venetian glass ceiling.

 More natural light and great architecture.

The Venetian and Eiffel Tower are across the way.

But this is what we wanted to see.  The waters dancing to music.  Enjoy!

To access this "rest stop" exit the Interstate 15 near the strip, travel to Bellagio on west side of road, go on past to the south side of the Bellagio waters, and then turn into the driveway leading to free parking.  It's multi-layered parking so if there is none on the main level move on up.  There is an elevator leading down to the lobby by the conservatory.

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