Thursday, October 27, 2016

Duck Creek stop an autumn paradise

The beginning of October we drove home from Arizona via a ride over the mountains and through Brian Head rather that taking the Highway 20 to connect up to the I 15.  It was a beautiful drive.

Nothing beats blue sky with clouds and autumn color.

It was lovely.  This drive also takes one past Cedar Breaks and to an altitude of over 11,000 feet.

I especially enjoy the aspen trees in the Fall with their glittery leaves dancing in the wind.

We stopped at Duck Creek.  Glen has found memories of stopping here with his sons some years ago as they drove to Utah for LDS Conference.

Duck Creek is a beautiful clear mountain stream.

The contrast between the evergreen pines and aspen was especially lovely.

Really, just lovely!

Duck Creek eventually flows into this small lake called Duck Lake.

And there were ducks!

Can you see them?

Autumn drives are the best!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Mt. Nebo Loop

I knew that I needed to get a Fall leaves drive in early as I would be spending the later part of September in Arizona.

It had been over 30 years since we had driven the Mt. Nebo Loop.  This drive begins on the east side of Payson and goes behind Mt. Nebo and eventually ends in Nephi.

We made a couple of side trips through campgrounds.  There were many cattle waiting for the round up before winter sets in.

We knew we would probably miss the aspens as they come later, but the hillsides lower down were beautiful

I always love a picture with a great fence.

As we got higher, the views were stunning.  I am looking east with Sanpete Valley in the background.

"I could see for miles and miles and miles."

This was a great shot of Utah Lake and home with Mt. Timpanogos in the background.

And finally we found some aspens with a bit of yellow.

Lovely, eh?

Backside of Mt. Nebo.

There was lots of mining back here in the early days.

Some orange red leaves.

This shot taken going back down.

As we took the switchbacks down, we were treated to a bit of red rock.  On the way back home on Interstate 15 we stopped at the Red Barn for ice cream.  A few weeks later I would enjoy another Fall
drive.  More about that later.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sewing machine cover

Some months back I ran across a pattern for a very cute sewing machine cover.  I planned to make one for my sewing sister and one for myself.  My sister's birthday was before mine, so she received a cover which looks like a retro trailer.

Each side has a window.

With different curtains.  I loved the red door.

There is also a spare tire in back.

This was a total scrappy project.  I pulled the green fabric to match the fabulous green walls in her sewing room.

I also let the award winning Mighty Baker make her the birthday cake seen in the background.  It was delish!

This is the pattern I purchased.  It was a bit hard to follow the directions.  I chose to leave off the bunting.  Can't wait to make one for my Bernina.