Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Guy, Little Guy

Grandpa Glen enjoyed his time with Henry Glen while visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday. He is usually more comfortable with babies after they have grown a bit, but as you can see, Henry Glen seems to fit just right under his arm. Glen returned home on Sunday afternoon after church. I get to stay until Thursday evening. Henry got to come and stay the night with Grandma again after Grandpa left. Lynette will be happy to know that Henry sleeps for 3 hours at a time now, not the sporadic hour or two of a week ago.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lynette wins the Great Race

Bottom - I hold Henry Glen for first time

Top - Lynette gets acquainted with Henry Glen

My sister, Lynette, and I both met my new grandson, Henry Glen Ranes, before he was 12 hours old. We had made plans a couple of months ago to meet in Provo on Saturday, November 17. New baby Ranes was due on the 18th. I figured that I would beat the Thanksgiving air traffic and if he came early, I could reschedule my flight. Lynette decided that if there was no baby to play with, we could still play in lovely Utah and then she would ride to Bunkerville with her three BYU students where they would meet the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. Henry's timing was near perfect! He was born at 1:57 am on Saturday morning. I caught my flight out of Phoenix and Lynette her flight out of Denver where we hooked up by 11 am. Her son, Gary, picked us up and drove us back to Provo.

The last leg of the great race began when Gary dropped me off at the condo in Provo so that I might pick up the 2nd car. Gary and Lynette took off across Provo for the hospital where he was to drop her off. I caught every light red (no kidding - are any lights coordinated in Provo?) and then hunted for a parking lot with an open space and managed my way from the north lot to the fourth floor. When I arrived at the room housing Janae, Andrew, and baby Henry, Lynette had already begun her surrogate grand parenting and had Henry in her arms. I didn't really mind as it was so good to have her help with Raymond care and food detail as well as the two nights of nighttime duty so the parents could recover from their attempt to get some sleep hospital style.

Raymond's name for Lynette is pretty appropriate as those of you who know Lynette well will realize. He has is own take on a large number of words. His take on Lynette is "Neat." It was "Hello, Neat" and "Where Neat go?" and "Bye bye, Neat." Pretty neat, eh?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pizza at the Park

(All six little darlings last July in Utah)

Tonight I enjoyed pizza at the park behind Eric's home with my lovely grandchildren and their parents. They sang me "Happy Birthday" and the little ones managed to hold back and let me blow out my own birthday candle. They then found a flat rock for their table and sang "Happy Birthday" to each other. TJ announced that he had a BIG present for me at his house which he couldn't possible carry to the park. We all quickly packed up and headed to his house. Poor Emilia! She, of course, was making sure that everything was cleaned up properly. We were all in Eric's living room visiting when I realized that there was no Emilia! Glen went looking and found her back at the park. We had all disappeared and Emilia did not know which house was Eric's, having only visited by coming in from the street. We all apologized!

TJ presented me with a wonderful present. For the first time, he played a piece of music for me on the piano. I am so happy that he is taking lessons and doing so well. Heather colored me a beautiful picture and Ruby gave me a piece of cloth on which she had sewed a button. Toby and Sadie gave me many hugs. Raymond called me from Utah and wished me a happy birthday in his own way. I am a very blessed grandma!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Grandma is my best blog commentator so I think that she should have a place that we can comment back...here is your own blog. Share your thoughts, plants, adventures, pictures, children's books, etc., with us.