Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sisters, sisters, there never were such devoted sisters

Mark's wedding brought all the sisters together for the RS Broadcast and dinner. I'm in my RS apron as the stake presidency was serving sweet pork salads to approximately 300 women after an inspiring meeting broadcast for Relief Society sisters around the world. If you would like to hear the broadcast go here:


If you would like the recipe for the sweet pork salad, I am posting it on MyFamily.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Pics of Mark and Ashley

Today was the day, the sealing of Mark and Ashley. The room was full as we watched this couple gaze into one another's eyes and make promises to one another and their Heavenly Father.
I began shooting some pics as we waited outside the temple.

These stylin' siblings and cousins of Mark came to join us in welcoming them out of the temple.

Olivia and Simone represented their family well and looked BEAUTIFUL!

Uncle Glen loved seeing these two cute boys again. Rick and Karl are growing up fast.

And finally the bride and groom. They were dazzling as they exited the temple.

Presenting the newly married couple and congratulations!

Grandpa and Grandma Ray watch the smiles.

Everyone looks happy, especially Rachel! Lisa, are you next?

Yes, Lisa, you!

Oh, yeah. It is probably this guy.

Some people can ferret out a bit of shade anywhere. Temps were pushing 100 degrees in sunny Arizona today.

Ashley's family gathers around for a group shot. I don't have any pics of Mark's family gathering around because I was in those pictures.

Ashley with her bridesmaids. At the reception, they sported beautiful red dresses.

Mark and Ashley walk towards home - really. Their apartment will be across the street in the historic temple district.
It was a joyous day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Forth Bridge

I found another picture of the Forth Bridge (see previous post) taken during its construction. It sobered me to think this may be the way it appeared on June 2, 1887 - the day of George Hendry's death.

This certificate was issued at the completion of the Forth Bridge in 1890. It was just two years after Margaret McGregor Hendry immigrated to the United States and then Utah with her five fatherless children.

I found this image on the Queensbury Historical Society's web site and it did not state a year. The Forth Bridge was primarily a railroad bridge, hence the ferry in this picture. A second bridge for automobile traffic has since been constructed near this bridge.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vacation before the Blog, Part III

Our second day in Virginia, found us out and about near Washington, D. C. This is a picture of the National Cathedral north of The Mall and the White House. It truly is a grand building.

This grand building was closer to our hearts. We could see the Washington, D. C. temple from the Beltway, but getting to it proved a bit more difficult. We finally meandered our way to this beautiful Mormon temple and enjoyed a stop in the visitor's center and enjoyed the display of art work. Fortunately, we did not find our way back to the Beltway. Instead, we lost our way and ended up on a lovely scenic drive through Rock Creek Park which led us back into Washington, D. C. and to a bridge over the Potomac.

That brought us to Arlington National Cemetery. This was a sobering place which gave us pause and a feeling of gratitude for those who gave their all for freedom.

Our next stop that day was Mt. Vernon, home of George and Martha Washington. We shared the grounds with crowds of students on tour, which made it all the sweeter for a retired teacher like me. I am standing before a long sweep of grass at the front of the home.

Glen stands at the back of the house. We spent some time rocking in the chairs on the back veranda which overlooks the Potomac River and a lovely view. We also enjoyed exploring the out buildings and gardens. My favorite was the pig shed full of piglets. There is also a new visitor's center and museum which is amazing. Most of it is very interactive and meant to appeal to all ages. There was a theater performance area where you hear and feel the sounds of revolutionary battles. It even snowed as we crossed the Delaware. Mt. Vernon was very much worth our time!

Next stop, Jamestown and Williamsburg!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mine and Oprah's summer reading

Oprah announced her next book club selection today. I, too, read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" over the summer. This book is beautifully written but an odd story. I still find myself thinking about it at different times. I can see it's appeal for Oprah, lover of dogs, for dogs are very much a part of this novel. I am often in awe, and sometimes horror, of how the decisions of one family member can reverberate throughout the family.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Sadie, Pretty Lady

You are growing up so fast and learning more and more everyday. We so enjoy your company and your love of life.

Grandpa and I wish you a very Happy Birthday! And Grandpa will always be happy to tickle your feet and rock with you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

George Hendry and the Forth Bridge

While at BYU Education Week last month, I attended a class on how to better use the internet as a research tool when doing family history work. I have been amazed at some of the things I have been able to access. This is a picture of the Forth Railroad Bridge connecting Edinburgh to North Scotland. It was built during the 1880's and the final gold rivet was put in place by Edward, Prince of Wales on March 4, 1890. At that time, it was the largest bridge of its kind in the world. It is still considered a marvel.

Some call this bridge the "blood red wonder of a golden age." It is thought that almost 100 men lost their life during its construction. A memorial to those men who lost their life was finally unveiled on July 3, 2007. My great great grandfather, George Hendry was one of those men. I can tell you details because I just found them on the internet. The following is all I knew until tonight.

Lucy Walker Hendry Ostler, my beloved great grandmother whom fostered my love of hollyhocks and temple work, writes in her history:

"I was born of Scotch parents the 20th of September 1884 at Govan, Lanark, Scotland. . .
Very little is known of my early childhood as I will have to write from just where I can remember. The first thing I can remember is one night after my father had returned from his work he sat me on the gate post and I asked him his name. He said it was George. I told him I liked that name and when I was big and got a baby boy, I was going to name it George, which I did.
(Note: My paternal grandfather)

Then after that I can remember going to meet him when he would come home from work and how he would play with us children. I well remember the night my father was killed. He was killed at the building of Forth Bridge. He was what they call a boiler maker in this country. He was up on some of the large structures from what Mr. William Price told me and it was just about quiting time and the large hoist was lowered just a few minutes too soon. It struck my father and beheaded him there before his fellow workmen. He said it was terrible. It brought every man to tears even to the Superintendent. Mr. Price, the day he told me this, he couldn't hardly tell me for crying. He said it was so terrible. He said my father and mother was the best friends he ever had."

And from another part from pages about her grandfather, Robert McGregor.

"We 4 older children was going to meet him as he came home from work as we often did. There was my sister, Margaret, she being the oldest of our family then my brother, David, then myself, I being at that time as near as I can figure was about 4 years old and my sister, Hazel was still younger than me. At that time the Forth Bridge was being built. That was where my father worked. In Scotland this was the largest bridge of its kind in the world for many years. We children was going to meet father but instead we meet two men coming from work and they told us that we had no father. He had been killed. But we still went on and met grandfather and he was crying so hard he could hardly walk. He carried my sister Hazel home to my mother and told her the sad news."

The first time I read this story, I thought that my heart would break. The above words were written in 1935, long before my birth. The missionaries taught Lucy's mother soon after this accident and she immigrated to the United States in April 1888 with her five young children on board the "Wisconsin" out of Liverpool with 69 other members of the Church. They passed through the customs house in New York and then transferred to a steamer for Norfolk, VA and then traveled by train to Ogden, Utah. The Mr. Price mentioned above was also a part of this group of Scottish saints. This was not the end of Lucy's hard times, but that is a story for another day.

A list of those who died was also found during my internet search. George Hendry died on June 2, 1887. He was 32 years old.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy News

Laurel & Glen
April 25, 1975

I love it when I'm made aware of pictures of my family that I didn't realize existed. When we were in Utah we visited with two of Glen's sisters. One had 3 of those old magnetic album pages with pictures from our wedding she had found in Glen's parents' things. I was able to carefully remove them all without causing damage. This one pretty much describes how we felt today because:

Prostate biopsy - negative
Kidney tumor - let's take another cat scan in 6 months to see if it has grown, then decide what to do, ie. surgery or laproscopic "freezing", or nothing (kidney tumors are notoriously slow growing)
Kidney stone size of a quarter - out patient procedure on Nov. 24 to blast it with ultrasonic waves hoping that it will disintegrate into sand and exit on its own

Glen took me to lunch afterwards and now he is taking a nap. It's been a pretty stressful time for him. During lunch we counted our blessings. Now we know the kidney tumor is there and it can be watched. If the PSA hadn't been elevated Glen wouldn't have been sent to the urologist and the tumor would have continued lurking in the dark. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Odds and Ends

I've realized that I didn't post anything after the 10th during August. Then it hit me, that was about the time we met with Glen's doctor. I think he pushed a worry button that has somewhat immobilized me. I've had a hard time keeping myself on task in many ways. Now after more tests, we meet with the doctor again on Tuesday, Sept. 9th to find out the results. If you so choose, please include Glen in your fast and prayers tomorrow.

I also didn't acknowledge Eric's & Susan's 11th anniversary as planned on this blog. We did watch the fireworks from the lawn on Aug. 30th. We decided that it was in honor of them, not just a delayed celebration of the 4th of July by Central Christian. Just the same, congratulations on 11 years and most important, 3 beautiful children whom I love with all my heart!

After the grandkids sleepover on Labor Day, we drove north of Cave Creek to enjoy a Brazilian BBQ hosted by Ryan and Emilia. Thank you for inviting us to this lovely place. Who knew that snaking through the desert is a ribbon of green with flowing water! The food was great, it was fun to meet more of your friends while visiting under the sycamore trees, and what a beautiful day for a drive.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Are you missing Walter Cronkite?

As Glen switched from so called "news" channel to "news" channel, he turned from looking at panelists yelling at each other and said, "What we need is Walter Cronkite."

I have a solution. If you would like some calm saneness along with truly probing questions during the 2008 campaign season tune into "Charlie Rose." In Arizona, you will find him on PBS Channel 8 at 1:00 pm M-F. He is my favorite interviewer. He is respectful and extremely knowledgeable. Check his show out at:


Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Grandkids Sleepover

6:30 PM - Children begin to arrive. Parents stay to chat but a few minutes, then are joyfully off again.
7:00 PM - Old fashion BINGO begins on the dining table with Grandpa calling the numbers. We yell "BINGO" until everyone has blackout. There is some negotiation concerning prizes. Toby has fun sliding the red tabs on his card back and forth.
7:50 PM - The double feature begins. "Beauty and the Beast" plays in the back bedroom on the old combo TV & VCR. Ruby and Toby land on their tummies on the bed opting for animation. "Fly Away Home" plays on the DVD in the grandparents room. TJ and Heather prop themselves up on every pillow they can find and soon learn about 'imprinting.' By the end of Fly Away, all four grandchildren are attempting to fly by jumping on grandma's bed. Finally, the geese have landed.
9:30 PM - Jammies have been donned (except for Ruby who arrived in her Disney nightgown, which is normal) and beds assigned. Nighttime books are selected. The boys in the grandkids' room dutifully go to sleep as requested. Girls in middle bedroom, not so easy. See previous post. I bribe them with their morning surprise, fairy dolls. Instead of promptly falling asleep, they play with their dolls.
10:10 PM - I insist they go to sleep. Watery eyes, but obediently try.
10:20 PM - I blog. I still hear voices. I go to bed anyway.
Midnight - I awake to "HELLO, is anybody there." I answer Ruby in the hall. She comes to the side of my bed and says, "I just can't quit thinking about my mom." I pull her into bed. She remembers she needs her blanket which she fetches and then promptly falls asleep on my side of the bed. I attempt to fall back asleep but now feel trapped in my own space, beautiful girl on my left (who might demand a late night return home if I awaken her) and big Glen on my right. I fidget.
12:53 AM - Glen can tolerate my "restless leg" syndrome no longer and moves to family room sofa. I promptly scoot over and fall asleep.
6:30 AM - "GRANDMA, GRANDMA, get me out!" I scramble up remembering he no longer wears diapers to bed. Toby uses the potty. TJ joins us in the kitchen. Glen continues to sleep on the sofa.
7:00 AM - Grandpa and Toby go out to water. The girls sleep on.
7:30 AM - I offer breakfast and then a morning swim. TJ takes me up on it. Toby ignores offers of food. He also turns down the swim and continues to help Grandpa.
8:00 AM - Heather awakes and discovers she has not packed a swimsuit. We improvise.
8:10 AM - We swim and make lots of noise outside my bedroom window.
8:30 AM or so - Ruby hears our noise and joins us in the back yard. The bubble fun begins. Grandpa has purchased bubble blasters which create bubbles within a large bubble. Cool!

How many bubbles can land in your pool before you have foaming problems?

Heather models her suit:
pink underwear + thrift store shirt mutilated by Nathan and retrieved from bag for DI + plus 2 large rubber bands (one at the shoulder and one at the hip) = a styling swim costume

Toby using flower gathering basket for rock gathering, not always pleasing Grandpa with rocks' new location.

Toby disappears and reappears with "breakfast!"

TJ after swim. Do you all remember when you had a "smoothie daddy" right in your own kitchen who always started with orange juice in the blender?

Heather's fairy dolls. There were four and she and Ruby knew right away which two they wanted. Thank goodness they weren't the two the other one wanted!

Ruby's fairy dolls. And then it was on to using nature to make fairy homes. Which doll looks best in this home?

According to "Arthur" (and Heather) the best way to use a bug catcher is to fill it with lovely flowers and leaves and wait for them to come to you. Luckily, there were enough butterflies fluttering by to make it seem entirely possible.

10:00 AM - Glen decides to leave on errands with TJ. Grandma demands that all boys get to go. (Build a fairy house, watch Toby dismantle a fairy house.)

Now its just us girls, Grandma prepares a special brunch: Fairy toast points with cinnamon/sugar and Fairy sized orange wedges served with milk in rainbow glasses with pink straws.
11:00 AM - The girls decide the temperature has risen far enough that they need a break inside. The fairy dolls are introduced to Janae's old cabbage patch dolls. There may have been an altercation for I soon had to restitch fairy wings. At least the male dolls were allowed to remain in the room!

11:30 AM - Grandpa and boys return with Krispy Kreme doughnuts covered with sprinkles (which rhymes with wrinkles)! He also brings the hats to wear while eating them (milk also required.) Ruby declines hat. How can you justify wearing a Krispy Kreme hat when you have refused to wear your pre-school graduation mortar board? He also got a deal on bubble juice at Walmart. Again, how many bubbles can you blow over a swimming pool before it begins to foam?

Shorty after Noon children are retrieved by mom and aunt, Susan. It was fun! and exhausting!