Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New park near Manti Temple

After making our way down from the mountain tops and Skyline Drive, we stopped in Mt. Pleasant and bought some items for a picnic lunch.  We drove on to Manti and found ourselves eating in a beautiful new park across HIghway 89 from the Manti Temple.

It is still one of my favorites!

The little park has been created in honor of the pioneers who settled the Sanpete Valley.

The park sits on the south end of the cemetery and includes statuary and message boards.

Perhaps it is wrong to call it a small park.  The correct name seems to be "Pioneer Heritage Gardens."

Besides the reflecting pool located in just the right place to mirror the temple, there is a small amphitheater.

It was just the right quick stop for a picnic and chance to stretch our legs and enjoy the temple.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Skyline Drive in the Manti-La Sal Forest

Early in August we explored Skyline Drive on the ridge line of the Manti-La Sal Forest.  We joined the road at the top of Fairview Canyon.  The Aspen trees were beautiful and the dirt road well maintained on this portion.

We felt like we were on top of the world and could see for miles and miles.

It was green and beautiful with an abundance of wild flowers.


We saw many sheep herder wagons and eventually found sheep grazing right next to the road.

I had to get a closeup.

Looking east from the road.  I love the cloud formations in this shot.

Masses of wild flowers.

Flowers making it work in very rocky soil.

A variety of wild flowers.

The farther we drove south, the rougher the road.  Soon after seeing this sign we took a road west down the mountain and into Spring City.  It was in really great shape and we descended quickly through several vegetative zones before arriving in artful Spring City.  It was a fun adventure!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Jenson/Clement Family Gathering 2016

July 3rd the Jenson and Clement clans gathered at Murray Park as they have on and off for years.  This year we went back one more generation  to include Della's siblings' families.  Della Clement is the beautiful girl holding her baby brother.

Her parents were Sarah Matilda Brady and Jesse Warren Clement.  Jesse Warren died fairly young from appendicitis.  These pictures are of Sarah Matilda with her grown children.

Sarah Matilda lived until 1970, out living some of her children. . .

Her daughter, Della, being one of them.  She passed away from thyroid cancer in 1955.  She is with her grandchildren in this photo.

It was fun to see 1st cousins visiting with each other.  Arlon and Julienne.

Arlon Clement has been a great family history gatherer.  Arlon and Alice.

Glen's three aunts were in attendance including Julienne, Alice, and Linda.  Joanne lives in Idaho and was unable to join us.  Sadly, she passed away on August 15th.

The new family tradition is to bring prizes for a major game of Bingo

There was visiting.

And Bingo.

And visiting.

And introductions.

And visiting.

And more Bingo.

And dessert.

And Bingo and some family history sharing.

We met new family members and many cousins we didn't even know.

My oldest son Eric had a grand time with selfies.

This was a great shot of his father, Glen, who planned and organized this fun event which included a snow ball fight at the end.  Yes, snowballs in July but they were a special kind made of lambs' wool.

And his aunt Wylene told him to stop taking her picture!

Then it was time for group shots.  These are the descendants of Della Clement Jenson.

Descendants of Lowell Clement.

Descendants of Lyle Clement.

Descendants of Aral Clement.


It is always a joy to be around these sweet women, Julienne, Alice, and Linda. . .

who honor their mother, Della, by the way they live their lives!