Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Long Way to Arizona, Part 2

After leaving Utah and Dinosaur National Monument, we traveled east to Colorado and then south on the western side of the state.

The mountains were green and beautiful and we found ourselves on a very high pass before coming down into the Grand Junction area.  We entered I 70 and turned west towards Utah.

A short time later, we exited I 70 and took Highway 128 south at what used to be the town of Cisco. It is pretty much deserted now but used to be a location where trains were serviced.  We soon found ourselves driving along the Colorado River.  The Dewey Bridge was built and finished a hundred years ago in 1916.  It was the second longest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi at the time.  The Colorado River is joined by the Delores River near this bridge. The Delores River is formed by run off from the San Juan Mountains and the Colorado Plateau.

These are closeups of the plaques which memorialize the bridge which is a National Monument.  The bridge center burned in 2008 as a result of a wildfire.

The highway follows the Colorado for miles through beautiful landscapes.

We had no idea that one could follow along the river for such a long distance before reaching Moab.

Fisher Towers rise majestically from the floor of Professor Valley.

We elected to take the dirt road for an up close look and walked up to the Towers along the trail.

We soon encountered a snake!

The Fisher Towers were beautiful and majestic.

A shot with Glen to prove we were there.

Truly lovely.

This was our beautiful view looking back at the Colorado River from whence we had come.  We continued on our way south enjoying every minute of our drive along the Colorado River.  We would spend the night in Moab.  The next day we visit beautiful Arches National Park.

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