Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Easter weekend pictures

Some of the grands participated in two Easter egg hunts.  Saturday morning at 8 am the early risers met at a park in Gilbert for my son's neighborhood celebration.

The girls got a ride on a golf cart from their home so arrived in style.

They are receiving instructions for the hunt including younger ones go first, 24 eggs per person, and have fun.

Everyone also brought a little something for the neighborhood brunch.

My grandson thought this hunt was a bit early.  He and his mom and dad were staying with the Gilbert cousins.

And they were off!  This hunt was pretty easy.  You just had to scoop them up.

Waiting for their age group to get the go sign.

They knew that they needed to run to get ahead of the little ones where there would still be eggs.

And there were plenty of eggs for everyone.

One of the visiting families stayed with us.  Coming from the north country they loved being outside in the front on the grass and in the back in the pool.

This little one is learning to talk fast.

That lawn just called out to my gymnastics fan.

The little one also has a current fascination for shoes, hers and everyone else.

She tries on brother's flip flops.

We enjoyed our weekend visitors so much, all of them rather local or coming from far away.

Thanks little one for tolerating your many hours in the car seat to come to grandpa's and grandma's other house.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The photo shoot

With all the grand kids in town for Easter, I scheduled a photographer to come and take family pictures in our front yard.

I finally went for my little point and shoot camera toward the end to take pictures of the photographer taking pictures.  I can't wait to receive my CD of Janelle Joy's photos.

It was fun to see all my sweeties all dressed up.

And enjoying each other.

Each little family had their own style.

They all looked adorable.

They had a great time interacting with one another as they waited their turn.

Our ash tree with all that Virginia Creeper hanging down provided a great back drop.

Four of my little pumpkins had missed the last family photo session four years ago.  It was so good to have them included.  And now pictures of the shoot taken by my sons.

All the grands making their funny faces.

My method of getting the children to look at the photographer.

My children's attempt to recreate a photo taken almost 15 years ago.  One son was unable to be with us this time.

The one finished photo that I've seen.  Isn't it beautiful.  Our photographer was this grand daughter's Primary activity leader.

And one demonstrating their personalities.  Who knew that a photo shoot could be so much fun?  Grandpa and Grandma then treated them to a steak dinner in the backyard as a reward for their smiles and well, other faces.  And, yes, they are getting old enough to enjoy steak.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter, a week later

We were in Arizona for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and family Easter dinner.

We were blessed to have all the grand children with their parents in attendance this year.

We also invited my sister, her husband, and grand daughter to join us.

The newest member of the family was also present.

Each year I am amazed at how they change and grow so much in 12 months.

Some are even taller than their uncles and they hide the eggs rather than hunt the eggs.


 There was some creative egg hiding.

Grandpa Glen ramped things up this year with the bubble machine on the table to the left.

Daddies and mommies helped.

 Grandpa supervised from the bench.

I managed to get an individual picture of every hunter.

Those with new glasses.

Those who traveled far to join us.

Those who couldn't make it last year.  See that golden egg.  There was one for each child and grandpa had filled them with two gold dollars and a $2 bill.

This sweetheart also traveled far.

The littlest sister with a new baby brother.

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all your jelly beans.

 Our author who once again won for her age group in the school wide district writing contest.

The master egg finder.

My sweet little grand niece.

My favorite picture taken by my son of his daughter getting a lift to collect the last gold egg.

Soon it was time to open all those eggs.

Look mom.

Fun times.


Lots of eggs for everyone.

It is always fun to find the "treasures" that are egg size.

There is also a bit of comparing.  I changed things up a bit last year.  More about that later.

Some people like to line their eggs up.

This is why we plant our winter grass in October.

It makes Easter egg hunts better. And more comfortable.

 Our new big eyed boy.

Life is definitely better with cousins.

Now for my egg hunt method.  I put a sticker on each egg.  They then hunt for their own eggs looking for their sticker. I give them a card with their sticker to place in their basket and I keep a master to help the adults help the children.  Equal number of eggs for everyone plus the hunt is more engaging.


Grandpa added a surprise this year, small fireworks in the eggs.  Overheard by one dad, "I thought Grandpa was kidding when he said he put fireworks in the eggs."

And that is how it ended.