Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Easter weekend pictures

Some of the grands participated in two Easter egg hunts.  Saturday morning at 8 am the early risers met at a park in Gilbert for my son's neighborhood celebration.

The girls got a ride on a golf cart from their home so arrived in style.

They are receiving instructions for the hunt including younger ones go first, 24 eggs per person, and have fun.

Everyone also brought a little something for the neighborhood brunch.

My grandson thought this hunt was a bit early.  He and his mom and dad were staying with the Gilbert cousins.

And they were off!  This hunt was pretty easy.  You just had to scoop them up.

Waiting for their age group to get the go sign.

They knew that they needed to run to get ahead of the little ones where there would still be eggs.

And there were plenty of eggs for everyone.

One of the visiting families stayed with us.  Coming from the north country they loved being outside in the front on the grass and in the back in the pool.

This little one is learning to talk fast.

That lawn just called out to my gymnastics fan.

The little one also has a current fascination for shoes, hers and everyone else.

She tries on brother's flip flops.

We enjoyed our weekend visitors so much, all of them rather local or coming from far away.

Thanks little one for tolerating your many hours in the car seat to come to grandpa's and grandma's other house.

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