Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer Day Schnibbles

I have decided that I like small quilts hanging in the fireplace.  When taking down "Love Grows" I remembered some unfinished Schnibbles quilts that would fit in this space.  I made the blocks for "Summer Day" almost two years ago.  I pulled them out of the drawer and it felt more like a Spring Day but they definitely made me happy.  It snowed yesterday but there is more green and blooming things everyday.  It was time to have the same inside.

So, I sewed them all together with all that color going this way and that way.

My fireplace space is a square and I had sewn enough blocks to make more of a rectangle, so I made a pillow for the sofa and a quilt label for the back of the quilt.  As you can see, the sun is shining today and I have a room full of rainbows coming from the prisms hanging in the window.

I also had another Schnibbles started with the left over fabrics from my Civil War Sampler quilt.  I was so excited to have a fireplace quilt for the 4th of July, that I finished putting that top together as well.  I had made half the blocks, so made a dozen more.  The old blocks were made on my old Bernina.  My new Bernina blocks finished bigger.  That is why I love my Dream Machine so much - such accuracy.  This meant that I lost some of my new block star points but I still love how the quilt top turned out.  Hopefully, I'll finish the quilting and binding before the 4th so I can share it later.  Hurray for Schnibbles!

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