Friday, April 4, 2014

Provo City Center Temple

A week ago I took some pictures of the progress on the Provo City Center Temple when I went to the post office.  The post office parking lot is a great spot for taking pictures of this amazing construction project.

As you can see, they have dug the earth out to basement level and there is so much happening underneath and to the south of the old tabernacle building.

This will be a giant outdoor space with water features.

It has been so interesting to watch the progress of creating new from the old that was so loved.

Now I left the post office and have made my way to the north side.

I'm not sure about the purpose of wrapping the building in plastic, but I can tell you that the middle spire changed dramatically last Tuesday.

The Angel Moroni was placed on the very peak of that spire.

The Angel Moroni is found on many LDS temples.  It was the Angel Moroni who appeared to Joseph Smith and gave him instruction as well as showed him where to find the buried gold plates which were translated and printed as The Book of Mormon.  He symbolizes the restoration of the gospel and the preaching of it to the world with the horn held to his lips.

The placing of the Angel Moroni is never a formal event nor widely announced.  I felt so bad when I discovered that I had missed it by just a few minutes.  But I soon discovered that that new middle and taller spire is visible from the south facing windows of our town home in Provo.  There it is, dead center in the above picture near the crane.  You can't see it in the photo, but I could see the golden gleam as the sun shone on Angel Moroni this morning.  This temple has become very precious to me.

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I love the photos of Moroni -- I'd like to use one on the cover of our seminary graduation program. Would you be okay with that?

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