Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quilty Fun Sew Along ended with issues

This is the last block of the Quilty Fun Sew Along.  It is a label for the back of the quilt.

I have really enjoyed doing the embroidery.  But I must tell you, my first issue was that I left scorch marks on the white as I was attempting to flatten my blue flower or bow.  Thank heavens for google!  I googled how to remove scorch marks and if it was brand new scorching all it needed was a 24 hour cold water soak AND it worked!  No marks remained!

I filled in my larger letters rather than just do the outline work.

I also made my scrappy binding from the leftover fabric I used for my color palette.

Then it was time for borders and issue number two.  I had several pieces of the dot fabric from an earlier quilt border, a much earlier quilt border and I had used some of it in the sampler.  I thought there just might be enough for the postage stamp border so I cut away.  Guess what?  I ran out of fabric when I had cut 43 rectangles.  Ouch!  I needed 48.  I began the fabric shop hop for the right dots.  Then I finally gave up and bought the darling Wishes line of fabric diagonal checks.  The color was certainly right and my outer border fabric also had diagonal squares going on.

Then came the next "oh, no" moment known as issue three.  I thought I had more than enough of that green dot fabric for the back.  I had bought it for the back of another long ago quilt but decided it was the wrong green.  It was just the right green for this quilt.  Once again I was short.  But there are small miracles in every one's life,  right?  During my search for the right dot, I found the above Bake Sale fabric as a flat fold on a table at half price.  I picked it up for apron material (my favorite bridal shower gift.) 

As I flipped through a stack of Lori Holt fabric searching for answers, it resurfaced and it was perfect for a strip down the back including the quilt label.

These pictures aren't the best.  I grabbed my hubby before he went out the door to hold up the back and front for me.  I need a clothesline!  Here is the back with label and fabric that saved me.

This is the front.  This had been a fun project.  It was 20 weeks of new sewing to do each week.  I loved using up my leftover fabric.  The goal was to buy as little as possible.  I just shared with you my major purchases.  I even had several yards of the white background fabric left over from special hand smocked dresses I made for my grand daughters.  The Quilty Fun directions are still online if anyone is interested.

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Kaleena said...

WOW! I love this! I really like how there are so many types of "squares" the end result is fantastic!