Monday, May 1, 2017

Cherry Tweet quilt top finished!

Some quilt tops take six years to make.  Yes, I've been working on and off on this project for that long.  It became my General Conference Weekend two times a year project.  This April Conference I finally finished the last of the applique blocks.

So during April, I made the four pieced blocks, cut sashing stripes and corner stones, and sewed it all together including the eight inch border.  Now I need to save some money and find a professional machine quilter who can custom quilt this quilt for me.  At almost 90 inches by 90 inches, it will take some serious money.  I just want all that white space to look amazing.

This quilt has four cherry wreath blocks.  Love cherries.  I didn't know about "Perfect Circles" by Karen Buckley until well into this project.  I just kept going with my imperfect circles as it seemed like the right thing to do.

There are five bird blocks.  So cute and hence the "tweet" part of pattern name.

Four pieced blocks the same size as the cherry wreath and bird blocks.

And eight of these half triangle blocks which are around the edge of the quilt and inside the border.  So when you fall in love with a quilt on the wall of a local quilt shop and decide you must have one, it will take learning how to applique and a whole lot of time.  BUT it will be worth it!  After six years, I still think this quilt is the best.  Thank you Cori Blunt of Chitter Chatter Designs for designing "Cherry Tweet."

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tulip Festival 2017

What would Spring be without tulips?  All that color and form makes the heart sing at winter's end.

In honor of my husband's and my wedding anniversary in April, we were all in for a tulip celebration at the Ashton Gardens part of Thanksgiving Point..

There are always surprises!  It is never quite the same.

The Italian gardens take on a different hue each year.

Our selfie in the Secret Garden.  We are still trying to master the selfie.

I love my new iphone.  It takes lovely pictures.

I am especially in love with the portrait setting where the picture front is clear and the background muted.

Super daffodils!

Texture and more texture.

Color and more color.

I am so happy that this beautiful place is close to home.

Greens and more greens.

There is still snow on the mountains as each rainstorm in the valley brings more snow to the mountains.

He requested this picture showing his rebellious side.  Can you see those red tulips in the distance?

A field of dreams and tulips.

And there are still blooms to come.

This sign says it all!

Yes, these are tulips just really fancy ones.

And some were glass!  We enjoyed our visit immensely.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt with a view

This year we had our Easter Egg Hunt in an amazing place, my son's current backyard.  There was plenty of places to hide eggs while enjoying beautiful mountain views.

These are our Utah grand children and they are just waiting to be told, "GO!"

It was fun to watch them from the deck as they scurried about.

Little Ceci had a bit of help from her mom.

And her brother and father.

They had a lot of ground to cover in their hunt.

I wonder if next year when Raymond  is twelve, if  he will decide to hide rather than gather.

Oscar shows his golden egg, which was where the money was.

He was pretty proud and happy.

One final swing through the yard.

Adult viewing area.

Then it was time to check out those eggs.

Opal took this seriously.

Henry's great big egg pile.

Yes, cousin Jenny, you are too old to hunt but thanks for coming to Easter Dinner.

Ceci checking out her eggs away from the busy table.

It was a great afternoon.

"This is my new Easter dress and sandals."

"These are my bunny ears that I got for Easter.  When my grandma came to stay with me for a while the next week, I chose to wear them instead of my favorite hat."

Monday, April 3, 2017

Grandkid photo shoot

The last Sunday in March found us in Heber City where my daughter and her husband had prepared us dinner.  The grand kids had a great time hanging out with their older cousins visiting from Arizona.  My youngest son and family also joined us.  I realized that half of my grandchildren were there which called for a picture.

The youngest little sweetheart in attendance didn't want to sit or smile so her father entered the picture as well.

We still hoped for a smile and tried hard to make it happen. 

Soon there was smiling and laughing.

This was going to be harder than we imagined!

I just kept clicking hoping for a great shot.

What I got was a great series of my grands enjoying each other.

Thanks Ceci!