Thursday, August 25, 2016

A long way to Arizona, Part 4

After leaving Arches National Park we soon found ourselves in Arizona and at Canyon de Chelly.

It was our first trip back since our first in 1981.  Spider Rock where two canyons converge is still spectacular.

This beautiful canyon has been home to many peoples and the Navajos still farm and live here.

The ribbon of green shows where the stream flows.

Parts of ancient homes are still visible in the canyon sides.

It is a magical place.

But also one of sadness as Navajo Indians were rounded up here and driven to Fort Defiance in what is now New Mexico back in 1863.

It was their own "Trail of Tears" but is now known as the "Long Walk."

There are drives along both the north and south sides of the canyon with many overlooks.

We had just enough time for the south side as we still wanted to make it to Hubbell Trading Post before it closed.

Next visit we plan on taking the jeep tour through the bottom of the canyon for a different view and for the stories told.  In a bit of a spoiler we were very disappointed to see that nearby Chinle looked so neglected.  There were pan handlers, flying trash, and a drug deal going down at the service station where we stopped.  It looked like it was struggling.

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