Friday, January 24, 2014

Monday outing

The grand kids were out of school on MLK Day so we planned an outing.  Grandpa received gift cards for Goodwoods BBQ during the holidays, so he invited everyone to join him for lunch.  He is showing the grandsons pictures from his camera taken during their sleepover the week before.

Ray was also with us this time.  He had basketball game and another activity last weekend, so didn't sleepover.  Opal and the mommas also joined us.

After lunch went to the BYU Museum of Art to see the new exhibit, "Sacred Gifts."

I borrowed this photo from another site as photography was not allowed inside.  It was a beautiful exhibit but very crowded due to the holiday.  Our three year old broke free and for a minute we were afraid he would destroy some priceless art.  He and his mom made a quick exit and we didn't stay long with the others either. 

I plan on returning on a quiet afternoon when I can really take everything in.  This exhibit includes the art of three religious art painters from the 1800's.  It includes Bloch pieces from the Frederiksborg Castle as well as pieces loaned from other churches and locations in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.  If you go, make sure to watch the film first as it includes great historical information. The exhibit closes in mid-June 2014.

The boys remembered the fun sculptures outside from our last visit.

We had to take photos once again.

I am so happy to have this great museum nearby and appreciate that the exhibits are free.

These brothers are the best.  They really love and watch out for each other.

Don't you love Henry's shoes?

Raymond shares a copy of the Daily Universe with grandpa.

Unlike last January, there has been lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures this year.  The snow is melting.  I would like some more fresh snow and we really need to add to the snow pack in the mountains. I hope we skip any more single digit temps.

Opal was a great stroller baby.

She is sometimes stingy with her smiles but I call that a happy face.

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