Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Early Valentines

This is what I've been doing this week, baking heart shaped sugar cookies and sewing American Girl Valentine dresses.  Sounds like a grandma, doesn't it?

I found this pattern on Liberty Jane and it looked so Valentiney that I just couldn't resist.  That is a Riley Blake tiny heart print and I found tiny heart shaped buttons at JoAnn's.

It turned into a longer project than I imagined with multi-piece skirts for flare times two because they are lined as well.

The granddaughters were delighted.  Their brothers received heart shaped boxes of chocolates.  They were also delighted.

Two doll outfits went to each house.  They play together a lot so I stitched a different design on each collar to help with ownership issues.

I use to sew in threes, but now that Julianna is four and I gave her this doll for her birthday, I sewed up four.  She was delighted and flew up the stairs to dress her dolly.  It is a Goetz doll and is found at Pottery Barn Kids.  It's a bit slimmer than AG dolls making it easier to dress.

Each family received cookies, buttercream frosting, and sprinkles as well.  The other thing I have been doing is a much needed deep cleaning of the house including my sewing room.  I knew that if everyone came to my house to bake and decorate it would be a cleaning repeat :)  I loved my delivery drives through the balmy Arizona evenings.


LaNell said...

When I went to bed last night I was feeling really good that I finally finished a "big girl" quilt top. Now I'm feeling a bit like a slacker. I meant to visit this week and time got away. Hope to see you next time.

Cire said...

Julianna loved the outfit AND the cookies. She ate one of mine and was gently persuaded to only eat them after lunch (she thought they would make a great breakfast . . . )

IZI LIV said...

happy valentines =)