Sunday, February 17, 2013

Museum not aquarium

It was boys night with grandpa and grandma on Friday.  Saturday morning we were on our way to the BYU Museum of Art where you find things like Nessie greeting you at the door.

We thought that boys might enjoy the current exhibit "We Would be Heroes."

There were all kinds of heroes.  Baseball heroes and fireman wanna be heroes.

Ordinary heroes wanting to be super heroes.

And some so called heroic things too gruesome to include in the picture.

Some heroes live in space.

And some are just mythic.

Others that one just didn't care to take a peek at.  After all there was some disappointment involved as Henry thought a museum was like an aquarium.

The boys wanted to explore, so we headed downstairs and found a soup can.  If you are thinking, "Must be Andy Warhol," then you are right.  It was titled "Flat Art" and included works by Warhol and another artist.

I just liked this shot.

Marilyns by color.

Finally something that they really enjoyed.

An opportunity to keep rectangular silver mylar gas filled rectangles airborne.

They would have stayed all day if I would have let them.

Final museum stop, the sculpture garden. (Yes, mom, we did have their coats.  Grandpa is holding them.)  They loved throwing snow and ice in the pond.  We performed a quick race walk to the bookstore. . . .

where we found ducks.  There were even some heroic ducks but not a one was for sale.

Henry loved those ducks.

So grandpa found him some real ones and something to feed them.

They were hungry.  Really hungry.


But duck hero Henry carried on.


He tried hard to make them share and not be grabby.


There was some for everyone.

Final stop, "Y" mountain trail parking lot.

Can you pick out the "Y" in the snow?

Saturday was a great day with blue clouds and sunshine and highs in the forties.

A perfect day for boys.

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