Monday, February 25, 2013

My disappearing nine patch

The Cotton Shop in Provo gives 20% of precuts on a certain day of the week (I can't remember if it is W or F.)  I picked up a charm pack of Tapestry by Fig Tree because I just liked it.  Then another week I picked up another charm pack of Tapestry because I still liked it.  And then they sat on a shelf.

 Then blogger land introduced me to the disappearing nine patch quilt pattern and I knew why I had those charm packs.

I had some leftover creamy white in my stash but decided that I wanted some continuity in the quilt top so went back to The Cotton Shop (closest to the Provo townhouse) and found the small dot fabric for the center square.  For each nine patch I used four 5 inch charm squares, four 5 inch white squares, and one pin dot square.  After they were sewn together, I cut them through the middle and then the rearranging began.

I may not have a design wall, but when in Utah I can lay things out on the table and view from the upstairs landing.  I decided that I wanted matching Fig Tree squares to be next to one another in one direction for some continuity.

I wanted the snuggle quilt to be a 4 X 5 blocks so my charm square packs didn't quite make it.  I used a 20% coupon to buy the backing with enough extra to add two more matching 5 inch squares.  That still left me two short, so I also picked up 1/6 of a yard of an older Fig Tree collection.  Can you pick it out?

I love it when a designer's collections flow together.  Hint:  It's orange.  I added a white border with the pin dot squares continuing the pattern. The back will be the extra that I bought plus another Fig Tree piece of fabric, Butterscotch and Rose,  leftover from Julianna's quilt, "It Takes a Village." You can see it on the end of the ironing board.  Now on to the hard part, quilting and finishing!

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Betty Lou said...

Very nice, wonderful how the fabrics came together.