Saturday, February 23, 2013

A birthday gift they won't forget

My middle son and his wife share birthdays a bit less than two weeks apart.  This year my husband decided to give them a gift of action and a new experience.  He scheduled them for a flying high experience. Today was the day we journeyed south to Eloy and near their little airport to watch them enjoy indoor skydiving.

While they watched a video and got some on the ground instructions, we watched some experts at work dancing inside the wind chamber. Fascinating!

Then the participants came out to put on their gear.

This included flight suits, goggles, helmets, and ear plugs.

Ruby found it hard to believe that this girl was going to give it a try, but Ruby was smart.  The little girl didn't like it much.

Ruby was given her mother's phone and told to take some pictures.

Her parents entered the side chamber and waited their turn.

That David was a natural.

It didn't take him but a few seconds to be flying free.

He could pretty much navigate himself where he wanted to go.  Everyone did not have this much control.

He flew next to the pexiglass so I could take this shot.

 Then he was off again.

Sally was also a natural.  They are both in great physical shape and had the muscle strength to keep their arms and legs in position.

Go Sally!

Earlier little Mae had talked about bringing her Tinkerbell wings so mom could fly. Mom didn't need them.

Notice that there is just a wire mesh keeping them from falling to the bottom and the wind making machinery below.

 Perfect form.

Then it was time for round two.  The girls got up close to watch because they knew what was going to happen next.

They turned up the wind volume and the man in black took hold of Dave and spun him around and out of sight up to the top and down again several times.

Sally did the same while David watched.

This is how the tunnel looks from the outside.  When they went up high, they actually were in the tube above the octagonal building in the space before it dissipates via the three smaller tubes.

Fun times with a fun family.  We were missing Sadie who chose to go to a friend's birthday party instead, but they have a video to show her.  To learn more about SkyAdventureArizona, go here.

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Heather said...

Wait..Ruby, are you wearing your glasses? I've never seen you wear them.
I wish you would post longer posts- I always save your posts for last on my google reader.