Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Temecula Quilt Co. sew along

I finished the quilt top of my Temecula Quilt Co. sew along today meeting my end of the month deadline.  Whew!  We had a hard freeze in the Valley of the Sun in January so our bougainvillea are just brown sticks which have now been trimmed back in hopes of new life.

I decided that this color palate would look great hanging on those sticks.

So I went outside and hung it on the thorns and I was right, matching color palate.

I used most of my scrap bag of fabric tor these five rows of blocks.  I barely had enough of the two fabrics shown to do the horizontal sashing strips.  My outside border is smaller and different that the sew along as I was determined to stick with what I had on my shelf so I used another fat quarter with leftover scrap fabric for the corner sashing.  It's just short of a yard square in size and I have a yard of a light small print fabric I can use for the backing and another fat quarter shirting for the binding so I really didn't need to go to the store for this one.  There is even a leftover piece of batting for the middle of the sandwich.

Although this is not a color palate I would have chosen on my own, I'm glad I ordered the scrap bag.  I really like the look.

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