Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tulip Festival 2017

What would Spring be without tulips?  All that color and form makes the heart sing at winter's end.

In honor of my husband's and my wedding anniversary in April, we were all in for a tulip celebration at the Ashton Gardens part of Thanksgiving Point..

There are always surprises!  It is never quite the same.

The Italian gardens take on a different hue each year.

Our selfie in the Secret Garden.  We are still trying to master the selfie.

I love my new iphone.  It takes lovely pictures.

I am especially in love with the portrait setting where the picture front is clear and the background muted.

Super daffodils!

Texture and more texture.

Color and more color.

I am so happy that this beautiful place is close to home.

Greens and more greens.

There is still snow on the mountains as each rainstorm in the valley brings more snow to the mountains.

He requested this picture showing his rebellious side.  Can you see those red tulips in the distance?

A field of dreams and tulips.

And there are still blooms to come.

This sign says it all!

Yes, these are tulips just really fancy ones.

And some were glass!  We enjoyed our visit immensely.

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