Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two weeks of family events - Jordan's Homecoming

The day after Joe's funeral we headed south for Elder Ika's homecoming luau and mission report in La Verkin, Utah. Going south from Provo logically means less snow. However, traveling south from Provo one gains altitude before losing altitude and the warmth of St. George. This trip that translated to a blizzard once we hit Beaver. It was slow going but we were glad to be south bound and not north bound on Interstate 15. There were several accidents in the north bound lanes and traffic was at a stand still for miles. More than 30 vehicles were involved in accidents like the one pictured above. It was a mess. We finally left the snow coming down from Cedar City. Now there was rain, not the best weather for a luau. When we arrived, they were setting up tables and chairs in the church.

We had a fun time watching the Ika clan perform dances as well as singing while we enjoyed Polynesian food at the luau. The next morning, also at the church, we were able to listen to Elder Ika report on his mission to the Billings Montana Mission. It was an excellent report.

Jordan is Glen's youngest sister's baby. Wylene was the baby of the family as well. It was a very happy time for her.

Jordan's grandma is in the red jacket. Grandma Ika was the mother of eight sons. All eight sons and many members of their families were in attendance. They had called this special weekend a family reunion and came from throughout the west.

They were trying to gather together all 35 + cousins to take a picture. Grandma Ika told me that she currently has three other grandsons serving missions. The Ikas came from Tonga to Hawaii to work at the Polynesian Cultural Center before moving on to Hawthorne, California and the same LDS ward as the Jensen family growing up.

Proud papa, Oni Ika. He is the second of the eight sons of Anna Ika.

Our baby, Nathan, holding his baby next to Jordan. They, along with Cory Jensen, are the youngest of the Jensen cousins.

Oscar made a beeline for the grassy area south of the church. This is where they had hoped to have the luau the night before. Look at that beautiful sky. What a difference a few hours make.

Oscar and Grandpa Glen get their wiggles out before climbing back into the car.

Grandpa Glen thought that he and the Ika brothers should have had a football game in the rain on Saturday. I guess that was the drill in California. If it rained, everyone met in the park for some muddy football. When he mentioned it Sunday, they were pretty sure that if they had played football it would have only lasted one play.

Our drive back to Provo on Sunday afternoon was beautiful with fluffy clouds. The roads were clear but we could see the marks in the median where the several cars and trucks had landed the day before. It was an eventful 24 hour trip. Welcome home Elder Ika!

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