Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two weeks of family events - Troy's Wedding

The second week ended with the wedding of Troy, DIL Sally's youngest sibling.  While not blood related, he feels like part of the family having known him now for 9 years.  The best part of last Thanksgiving with his family was to hear him tell his engagement story.  I'm so happy for him!

I've borrowed this picture of Troy and Lindsay exiting the Salt Lake Tempe from Troy's mother.  I love the joy displayed by this beautiful couple. I also want to point out that cute, happy face in the background, my sweet Sadie.

A reception was held later in the evening at Noah's in Lindon.  My highlight was watching my granddaughters, along with their older cousin, sing to their uncle and his new bride.  That babe in sandals wasn't in the original plan but she definitely decided that she should join her "sistas," as she calls them.

They did an awesome job.

Can't you just feel the love emanating from their family?  Mommy Sally is holding the camera in front and Daddy Dave is in the back center of the photograph.

Grandpa Scott clapped away.

It was a lovely venue flooded with family and love from both sides.

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