Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Free Library

Glen and I will be celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary this week. Our gift to each other was the purchasing of a Little Free Library to place in our front yard. We love books and we love sharing books. While I was in California and Glen was in Utah in March, Glen called me to tell me about a newscast he had seen on the Little Free Library program. Long time partners think alike because I had already torn a page out of a magazine about the same program. We ordered our little library online once we were together again.

The idea is to leave a book and take a book. The grandchildren have been our first patrons.

Julianna demonstrates how to use the Little Free Library. We hope to have it up on a post instead of the bench soon.

She moved a little stool from under the lime tree to make her reading time more enjoyable.

I love this little girl!

Maybe grandma will read this book to me.

She ended up taking three books home with her. I hope she remembers to bring three back.

Today is World Book Night. I wish I had clued in to it earlier. Next year I hope to be on the list of people who receive paperback books to pass out on this night. This year's goal is one million books shared. Please feel free to come on by and check out a book from our Little Free Library.

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Susan said...

Awww, these pictures are so sweet. Thanks for posting them. Julianna will be sure to bring AT LEAST three books back with her next time she comes to visit :)