Saturday, April 7, 2012

How our street rolls

Toby and Julianna came for a visit today. There was a lot of action out on the street so we gathered seats and treats and watched from the garage.

There was street sweeper.

And a red truck.

And a white truck.

And a yellow tanker truck.

The white dump truck backed up to a green thing. . .

and dumped in some asphalt. Then the green thing spread it.

Then there was a roller machine rolling right behind.

There were lots of men in hard hats and yellow vests making sure that asphalt ended up in the right places.

The roller guy didn't roll over just once. No, he rolled frontwards and then backwards many times and fast.

In no time they had passed right on by.

It was most entertaining.

"Hi Grandpa!"

"Did you have to park your car up around the corner until they are done?"

Now for the other side of the street.

The green spreader. . .

had many talents.

Here's the dump truck. . .

bringing. . .

a refill.

Julianna is now an expert on how to. . .

repave a street. The little boy across the street missed all the action but when he got home he quickly brought out his scooter. "Ah," he said. "It's smooth!"

Earlier in the week when they were milling the street in preparation for the asphalt, the sheriff's deputy who had been sitting in his car with flashing lights on the corner, came to my door and scared me. Wouldn't you be scared if a guy with a badge showed up at your front door?

Like many, he was just interested in Glen's garden. He really wanted to know what those tall flowers were called. It's true, you don't see many hollyhocks in Arizona. Then we got on to other things like why are they milling up perfectly good pavement?

Bet you already guessed. The Feds are offering money for street repairs and if you don't use it you lose it. I guess that's why they redid all the perfectly good handicap accessible sidewalk corners last year. Oh, and we aren't plumbed for natural gas, but some parts of town are getting their gas lines replaced. Something about an explosion of a natural gas line in California.

There you have it. Make sure to have your income taxes in the mail by mid April. My grandkids need some entertainment.


jennifer anderson said...

Julianna appears to be happy with such a sweet smile and looks to have a lot of personality.

Rudy Swanson said...

At first, I thought that there was a truck parade going on, but as I kept on reading, I discovered that those trucks were there for a road pavement project. Hahaha! Well, the kids looked interested with what’s happening there. Maybe it’s because they saw trucks of different types all at the same time. The asphalt truck was the monster among all the trucks there! :D

German Zollinger said...

APThe kids must've have been happy to see various type of monster trucks in one day. There's an asphalt truck, a rolling machine, a tanker, dump truck, and even a street sweeper. They were simply amazing! I wonder what was Toby and Julianna's favorite among them.

German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equipment