Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dorothy outfits

Last month while at JoAnn's using my senior one day discount (one nice thing about getting old:) I came across these ruby red slippers size American Girl doll.  Of course I purchased four pairs.

I knew I had a pattern already for a pinafore so I purchased some blue and white gingham as well.

But I needed Hobby Lobby for the appropriate size basket and painted dog cut out.  Thanks for helping me shop Lynette.

So each old enough grand daughter received a pinafore and a basket containing ruby slippers, Toto dogs, and two 18 inch red hair ribbons for Dorothy's braids.

The pinafores are easy to tell apart because I rummaged through my button jar until I found four sets of differentg red buttons.

I was just about to cut out white blouses, then remembered that I had made some already with red decorative stitching to go under their Valentine's Day jumpers.  (This doll is from Pottery Barn Kids.)

It was so fun to deliver their Dorothy duds.  We had hair braiding parties as well for those red ribbons.

Dorothy outfits were so appropriate for these two sisters.  They were going to Kansas for Fall Break.

This little cutie was very excited and happy for new doll clothes.

Final drop off site was the home of Saige, now Dorothy.  She is wearing a combo white blouse and petticoat that I also made earlier.

It made my heart happy to see that Heather had taken Dorothy with her to shop at the American Girl Store in Kansas City.  I borrowed her father's FB posted photo.  And what is in the bag, Saige, whom Heather has been saving for all summer.  I love sewing for my own American Girl grand daughters.

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