Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Opal's hat and sweater

Almost a year ago I began the cutest knitted project for my newest grand daughter.  This project began on the first big snow day in November 2012.

During 2013 October General Conference, I finally did all the finishing work.

The temperatures had dropped and it was time to warm her up.

The hat may be a bit large, but aren't those cherries the cutest?

Isn't that new one-year-old the cutest as well?

I found the patterns for the sweater and hat at Piper's Quilts & Comforts.

Each pattern includes variations and styles.

I went for the cherries.  Something about loving the color red and cherries.

If you are not into red nor cherries, other options included peas in a pod and roses.  Pattern directions for the knitting were a wee bit murky at times, but I muddled through.  Making something so cute makes my heart glad.