Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall and Berries at Thanksgiving Point

Earlier this month we paid a last visit to Thanksgiving Point Gardens which closes tomorrow.

My favorite part of visiting the garden is to see the changes from month to month.

This visit I studied all the berries.

So many shades of red.

And then a surprise.

Oranges. . .

and yellow.

Everything was so fallish.

But roses were still blooming in the rose garden . . .

while the trees turned colors in the background.

That cell phone lets him do business everywhere.

But I had a camera and much to see.




Mums the word in the Secret Garden.

It was definitely tulip bulb planting time.

I planted six dozen tulips myself later in the week, some at my sister Lynette's and a couple of dozen along the fireplace wall at the town house.

More Christmas looking berries.

Christ sculpture surrounded by sunflowers.

Twiggy berries.

As we walked toward the waterfalls, we spotted more autumn color. . .

with more to come.

We already have snow on the mountain tops.

From along the back side of the water falls.

Virginia creeper.

Pink columbines.

Love the texture.

Final orange berries, a ball of berries.

An array of mums.

Before leaving, we enjoyed our final lunch of 2013 at the Trellis Cafe.  Seriously, so good.  Sometimes I wish fall could last forever but then it wouldn't seem so sweet.

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