Saturday, October 19, 2013

Harvest time in Jason's Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend I went with my son and family to harvest the remaining pumpkins in nephew Jason's pumpkin patch.  Nathan gave them a bath before transport.

Grandson Oscar wasn't all that interested.  How could he be when he could swing and slide.

Those are his pumpkins, ready to share the ride home with him.

We took pictures next to one of Jason's pumpkins by his front door.

Oscar expresses himself concerning pumpkins.

It was a family affair.  His momma was celebrating a birthday.  She is wearing the "birthday" hat I made for her.

I've been knitting away in the car on my monthly drives north and south.

Guys just have to demonstrate their poweress.

The two pumpkins which I will deliver to the Ranes family.  Thank you Jason for letting us share in your bounty!

Oscar needed a bathroom break so we went inside for just a minute.

There were more pumpkins inside.  I'm sure that Jason is probably planning a pumpkin carving party.  So let's count them up.  One little hill of pumpkin seeds = 9 large beautiful pumpkins.

We didn't leave right away.  We helped ourselves to mountain viewing and visiting on the deck.

And backyard chasing to get the wiggles out and prepare for a return ride home to Salt Lake City.

Ah, a great patch of green grass. . .

and a boy.

Thank you pumpkin patch.  It has been great to watch you grow and share.

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