Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin time at the pretty pumpkin patch

The Ranes family joined me on a return trip to the very pretty pumpkin patch in Draper.

This time we were on the hunt for the perfect pumpkins.

I soon found that the boys' idea of the perfect pumpkin was pretty classic that is, round, very orange, and with a substantial stem.

There she is, our pumpkin patch girls.

It's so hard to get just the right look from everyone.

We soon had that wagon full of our best picks.

(The above pictures courtesy of my daughter's phone.  I neglected recharging my camera battery prior to this outing.)

Some of my favorite boys hanging out under the apple tree.

I liked the warty pumpkins.  Henry not so much.

After going from pile to pumpkin pile. . .

the perfect round, very orange, big stem one has been found.

It was a successful visit.  Three "perfect" pumpkins, two small cutesy pumpkins, one large white pumpkin (my pick), and a very large almost perfect pumpkin (Henry's pick).  And that was the end of my $20 bill.

No freeway for us on the way home.  We wandered through cozy old Draper and then meandered through the new neighborhoods and upwards over the mountain into Utah County where the views go on forever both north and south.

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