Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trees and more trees

Saturday morning we ventured out with my daughter's family to "Festival of Trees."  When I had a young family and lived in Bountiful, this used to be one of our favorite things to do.

Back then it was held at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City.  It's gotten bigger and now fills the exhibit hall at South Towne Center.

It still supports a great institution, The Primary Children's Hospital.

The boys loved it and the baby enjoyed her morning nap.  See her blanket?  Can you tell what her brothers and father like?


This tree was all about Mickey Mouse.  I took this picture for my SIL, Wylene, who also is all about Mickey Mouse.

So fun to have my daughter feeling better and up and about.  It was a hard pregnancy followed by surgery.  Glad she is up for fun outings again.

All those trees were a bit overwhelming but we soldiered on.

Wow, a Lego tree!

Yes, that is an upside down tree inside that ice cream cone.  Pretty creative!

 The purchaser also got this little tree decorated in cones.

Grandpa was in charge of the stroller and finding the least crowded path.  It is a reat holiday tradition and great cause.

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Vagabond Mother said...

I loved this, I will probably go next year too and if I ever get brave enough, submit a tree as well (maybe a miniature). Or maybe just buy one, ha! Thanks for cluing us in to this!