Thursday, December 27, 2012

Charm pack gift card holders

This year we gave some of our adult children gift cards for Christmas.  I decided it would be fun to present the cards in a fabric gift card holder.  I looked at several tutorials online and then decided I could adapt them and use charm pack 5 inch squares.

I had three charm packs which were passed out at Quilt Market in Kansas City that coordinated well.  I had two of Tulip Festival by Jackie Robinson and a smaller charm pack of Bordering on Brilliance by Jenny Beyer. 

For one card holder you will need 2 squares which coordinate for the outside (I have already used the skinny strip on other holders), 2 matching squares which match, and 1 square which contrasts with the matching squares.  Having two of Tulip Festival provided me with the  matching squares.

Stitch the outside pieces together using a quarter inch seam allowance.

Press seam towards narrow strip.  (Sorry for the dark dots on my lens.  Can't figure out how to clean it.)

Trim to a rectangle of 5 X 6 inches.

Take matching squares.

Fold wrong sides together matching edges and and press.

Place on both sides of rectangle matching edges.  (Beyer squares were slightly larger than Robinson.)

Sew with quarter inch seam allowance on each side.

Now you are ready to add the final contrasting square.

Place it in the middle and don't worry about raw edges on the sides.

Stitch a quarter inch seam along the top and bottom.

Trim off the corners above stitching.

Turn so all right sides are facing out.  See how the raw edges have disappeared.  Push corners out.

Give a final press.

Fold in half.

The Jenny Beyer border print looks lovely with a finished edge either way,

Find the gift cards you received for Christmas.

And insert them in your holder where they will remain safe and all in one place until you decide to go shopping.  So far I've made 5 holders from my charm packs and there are still possible combinations left.

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Cire said...

Already used our gift card holder last night - thanks, it was perfectly timed!