Monday, December 3, 2012

Opal's special day

Sunday was a very special day, Opal's blessing day.  I was thrilled to pose for a three generations picture with my lovely daughter and her own baby girl.

I am the mother of four sons but just one daughter.  She has been the mother of two boys and now a daughter.  The cycle feels complete.

Opal is wearing the dress I made over 30 years ago for her mother to wear on her blessing day.  It is my first hand smocked blessing dress.  I have made many more since for granddaughters as well as my nieces.  I have even smocked outfits for little boys.  It is a way to show my love.

Back in Janae's baby times, we didn't do headbands.  We were sticking bows on their little heads with corn syrup.  Janae wanted a headband for Opal but she discovered that the mauve shade of pink on the dress was impossible to find.  I finally found some crochet cotton at a quilt store and crocheted a flower with a button in the center that Janae had found during her searching.

She's a precious babe!  I also made a whole cloth matching quilt for Janae and under that dress are little matching shoes.  How special that they can be worn again after 30 years!

I entered the dress in the Wasatch County Fair that year and it earned a blue ribbon.  It was the first time I had entered an item in a fair since my 4H days in Idaho growing up.  Opal is definitely a blue ribbon baby.

If you don't believe me ask her brothers.  They are more than proud.

A beautiful family on a most beautiful day.  And I am also blessed to share such special days with a very special man.  Such sweet rewards!

Photos provided by Janae and Glen.  Thank you!


Gayle said...

What a sweet new baby! Love the blessing dress you made her mom and how special that it's been passed down!

Shanna Helena said...

when i read your article and saw the photos i remebered all the good times when my grandma was there. so touching and loving incident. keep writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby - beautiful family.