Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rexburg Tabernacle, a place of faith

This building located in Rexburg, Idaho holds many memories for me.  It is where my family would attend Stake Conference.  It was also the site of musical programs.  When we attended conference meetings, I always begged that we be allowed to sit in the balcony, but the request was seldom granted.  The building was dedicated in 1911 and built at a cost of $31,000. It was originally known as the Fremont Stake Building.  When I was a child we were members of the Rexburg North Stake.  In 1980, it was sold to the city of Rexburg and is now used as a civic center.  The Upper Snake River Historical Society is housed in this building as is a museum dedicated to the breaking of the Teton Dam and disaster of 1976.

My most poignant memory of this building is of the day I was baptized.  It was on a cold Saturday in December with snow on the ground.  The baptistry was located near the back of the building on the lower level.  There were bleacher type seating on benches which overlooked the font.  I was very nervous for I was not a good swimmer and was terrified of going underwater but was determined to be brave.  My mother had sewn me a beautiful white baby wale corduroy dress to wear.  My father would use his priesthood authority to baptize me and he wore white clothing as well.  I was brave and this action and covenant between me and Jesus Christ was meaningful to me.

When a child of my faith is baptized at age 8, they are told that they are washed clean of all previous bad choices and actions.  As I walked into the parking lot on that very cold and star filled night, I looked up and I did feel washed clean.  I felt happy and full of light.  I have never forgotten that feeling and it continues to feed my faith in my Lord and Savior.

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