Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Christmas stuff

I've been busy creating but can't share as the recipients may be looking on, so I've decided to share some random Christmas season pictures. The above decor was for sale at Festival of Trees and was titled, "Nutcracker Suite."  Really, all shades purple?  It just doesn't say "Christmas" to me.

On Saturday night this lovely couple showed up dressed for a party, a "90's" party.  What?!!  I might be able to handle a 70's or even 80's party but wasn't the 90's just days ago.  When I was their age we did 50's and 60's themed parties so I guess I really am getting old.  It was sobering.  Nich was going for an Elaine in Seinfeld look.

They left this little guy behind.  Thank goodness!! My tree really needed some rearranging to make it look just right.

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Dee said...

Nice blog. I love your 'about me.' You seem like a very humble person. Happy holiday's to you.