Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gingerbread structures

Not only do people donate decorated trees and quilts to be sold at the Festival of Trees, they also bake gingerbread.  With that gingerbread they design and build structures.  I say structures because these are not your mother's gingerbread houses.  I'd love to know your favorite and I've made a little quiz.

1.  Well known Utah structure

2.  My granddaughters make these in the garden

3. Movie coming your way soon

4. Making it real

5. Version two of movie coming your way soon

6. Every child would love to go here

7. There may be some dancing involved

8. Truffulas

Possible Answers:

A. Hogwarts, B. Common Tri-level, C. Fairy House, D. Provo Tabernacle, E. Lorax Home, F. Hobbit Home, G. Nutcracker Suite, H. Hobbit Land

*No prize will be awarded for correct answers :) 
Aren't they all wonderful?!

Correct Answers:

1. D, 2.C, 3.F, 4.B, 5.H, 6.A, 7.G, 8.E

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