Thursday, November 29, 2012

Favorite grandkid photos from our busy family week

My 2 year olds born two months apart.

They are taking in a "show" on the ipad.

Oscar began to call Mabel's sisters "Sisters" just like Mabel does.  Everyone else was "Cousins."

Reading my birthday memory book.

After their day of performing in school programs, we went to Tia Rosa's for dinner.

They love to sit in this tiled nook.

Oscar, of course, wanted to join the "Sisters."

Four of my girls participating in game night.

Before all the visitors began their homeward journey on Sunday, we grilled pizzas in the backyard and celebrated Julianna's birthday.

Stop!  Please stop.  All my grandbabies are growing up so fast.

Doing the birthday clap.

News of her birth in a faraway state brought great joy and rejoicing just before Thanksgiving 4 years ago.

She has provided shine and sparkle to all of our lives.  Her rendition of "I am a Child of God" on Thanksgiving night brought many a tear to our eyes.  We are blessed to have her in the family.

She had discussed her need for a guitar with her grandpa many times.  He, of course, delivered.

Oscar loves a party, any party.  And he loves his cousins.

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Susan said...

Awww, you got some great ones! I especially love that bottom photo of Oscar -- what a cutie :)