Sunday, November 18, 2012

Toby's baptism day

On Saturday my eldest son baptized his third child, Toby.

Toby was my 2nd grandchild to be baptized during 2012.  I wrote about Ruby's baptism here.

I love this photo of three generations of special men in my life.

Toby was so joyful on this special day that he had hugs for everyone.

Many cameras were recording this special occasion in Toby's life.

Sometimes grandmas turn their camera over to someone else.  Toby had many family members including cousins to witness his baptism.  Two year old Oscar was delighted and shouted, "Do it again."

We left the church and reconvened at Toby's home for lunch and cake.  We were celebrating not only his baptism but his 8th birthday the day before.  Sister Julianna loves her grandpa.

I love the many faces of Julianna.

Isn't she lovely.

And funny!

It's official!  Nephew TJ is now taller than his 6 foot tall Uncle David.  Uncle David is having a hard time accepting this news.

Just had to share the faces of some of my favorite people.

She makes me think of "Tangled."

This little one just lost her first tooth!

A casual meeting on the stairs.

And their reaction when they realize the camera has found them.  These are my two sons who married high school best friends from San Diego.  Lucky boys!  Lucky me!

Toby, being eight and all, lit his own birthday candles.

The girls watched to make sure that he didn't miss any.

One last candle.

Then it was time to sing "Happy Birthday."

Soon the candles were out and wishes made.

Grandpa led everyone in the birthday clap to eight.

I happened to glance out into the backyard later where the younger girl trio were playing.

I just had to snap away at these three little girls in dresses that color coordinated with the playground toy.

Then I decided to see what everyone else was doing.

Yep! Napping all by himself.

Cousin-in-law Ashley with her new baby girl.

She is also the mother of Emma, granddaughter of my sister Becky.  So cute!

The birthday baptism boy relaxing.  That flying toy was a gift from his grandpa.

His other grandma, Julia, and his lovely mother, Susan.  Julia was visiting from Washington state.

After Grandpa Glen woke up, he gathered the troops and took them back to our house for operation Christmas lights.

The big project of the day was to cover the lime tree, every inch, with bright LEDs.

Toby and TJ earned some cash and grandpa won the prize for earliest Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  But he's just getting started.  There will be many more in the week to come.

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Susan said...

Whew, what a day! You got some great pictures, Laurel. Thanks for sharing them :)