Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soup and game night

 It was a great Thanksgiving week with all my sisters in town as well as four of my five children.  There was something happening all the time.

Sister Janis hosted a soup bar and game night.

I can never join in on Scrabble.  The three in the back take it waaaay to seriously.  It's intense!

And this is the only game they played.  It has been like this for years.  Why play Skip Bo or Uno or Scattergories when you can show your finesse at Scrabble?

Before it was over, we lined up by generation and took pictures of those in attendance.  These are grandchildren of my parents and are about half of the total number.

Here are their mothers and my grandson Oscar who currently loves getting his picture taken.

Here are the great grands most of whom are mine being I'm the oldest and all.  You might have noticed that tall boy in the middle and say, "Why he was in the other grandkids picture, too."  He is my oldest grandson and it is hard to define where he should be as he enjoys hanging out with my youngest sister, Jolene's two sons.

He is holding the newest member of the family who is just a week younger than my daughter's new baby.  She and her sister in the green shirt are the grandchildren of my sister, Becky.   I love TJ's  gentleness with his new cousin.

And last but certainly not least, those who are in-laws and were brave enough to marry into the family.  As we snapped away I heard someone comment, "So glad to have them in the family enhancing our gene pool."  My thoughts exactly.

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