Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Week for your entertainment

I was able to attend my sweet 1st grader's Thanksgiving program and feast this week.  It was the perfect way lead into my favorite holiday where gratitude and family make for a special day.

I asked her if the "S" was for her name.  "No grandma! The "S" is for Squanto."

As we entered the classroom, we donned our own Thanksgiving  outfits of hats and collars and even beautiful kitchen garbage bag aprons.  Teachers are resourceful souls.

Each student held a letter of the alphabet and gave us quick instruction about this special holiday.

She knew her Squanto part well.

Look at those faces.  I really do love 1st graders.

They are lively and happy and love to learn.

They also sang us Thanksgiving songs set to familiar tunes.

After the program we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving brunch provided by the first graders' lovely mothers.  If you are ever invited to a 1st grade Thanksgiving celebration, say "Yes."

That evening, I returned because my favorite 3rd grader was also preforming.  She's the cute one in the middle.  You know, the one with the elephant hat.

There were also snakes and crocodiles and other animals who sang and recited one by one "The Elephant's Child" by Rudyard Kipling.  The big screen at the back showed the illustrations each child had drawn and colored to match the story.  The music teacher directed this program which correlated with their social studies unit.

1st grader loved her 3rd grade sister, but even more, she wanted a chance to wear that elephant hat.  Thanks to both of them for inviting me to the fun.

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