Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween happenings

I did manage to finish my Scrappy Jack before the big day.  I was sewing the binding down on Hallows Eve.  I opted for a pillow over a wall hanging. Now I need to find a larger pillow form for filler.  Scrappy Jack is the pattern offered by American Quilting during the October quilt shop hop.  So fun to make from their kit with a multitude of orange and black fabric squares.

Halloween morning I found myself at recovering daughter's home to help with the her needs as well as the new baby while her husband followed through with Halloween festivities with the boys.

Henry designed a great Jack-o-lantern with three eyes!

He was the cutest little fireman ever and so excited for the Halloween parades, his brother's in the morning and his in the afternoon.

It was very important to Henry that he have a yellow fireman jacket.  I thought his mom found a pretty awesome one.

After the parades Glen picked me up for a quick trip north to visit the other grandson.

His parents and friends were busy decorating and preparing for a big Halloween party.

I loved their festive decorations.

 I found Oscar entertaining a princess in his bedroom.

He talked grandpa into holding him upside down before he became Superman.  He also demanded to look at my camera to see how he looks upside down.

We left the party house behind. . .

and ventured south again on a very crowded freeway so that I could finish dinner for the boys while grandpa passed out treats at the door and Andrew and the boys went trick or treating.

The pumpkins were lit and the fireman and soldier gave me their best smiles.

Or was it their best looks?  They had almost as much fun passing out the candy at the end of their own route as collecting it.  Halloween was truly magical in their little neighborhood as the jack-o-lanterns gleamed and adorable little people went from house to house being very polite and grateful while greeting each other.

What did I fix for dinner?  My mother's homemade noodles cooked in chicken broth and served over a mound of real Idaho mashed potatoes.  Don't you love this dish towel that I used to cover the noodles while drying?

This is my spider web table topper which is covering the table with the binding unfinished.  It was the free pattern offered by Quilts Etc. during the quilt shop hop.  It was a last minute project.  I picked up six Halloween fat quarters on sale just in time to put it together.  Guess I'll go finish the binding before packing it away for next year :)  I hope that you had a very happy Halloween.


Vagabond Mother said...

Very fun pictures! So glad we had your help that day! Really enjoyed the noodles the rest of the week too- finishing this "growing Opal" thing in much the same way I started it. Couldn't have made it without you! Love you!

Kirste Harrison said...

You do beautiful work! I've always wanted to learn how to quilt, but I've not yet found the motivation to do so. Maybe I can pick up a thing or two on your blog!

You've got a nice looking family, and it seems you had a happy Halloween. That's wonderful!